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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More on that Nuke story that keeps running in the background

Are the Bad People sufficiently Evil as to unleash a nuclear weapon in a False Flag?

Would they purposefully turn the power off, or even execute a ground or air burst to consolidate Communist power on CONUS?

You know I am not much of a conspiracy guy.  I want more information.  But many such fights happen beyond the sight of the public.

If this article is accurate, then there is an active coup underway - it is not subtle, it is not "Let's roll the dice and see if we can get away with it..." - it isdirect enemy action from American Communists to False Flag America into Communism.

If this story is accurate, there is a hardcode knot of United States Military personnel who are not only following their oaths, but they are - literally - fighting a quiet war for the very survival of the republic. 

Why hasn't .mil come forward publicly if this is really happening?  Threats against family is a real consideration.  But more compelling is the premise that if Americans knew they were inches away from being nuked by their own politicians, the world would plunge into unrestrained war, within hours.

I still want more information.  But there are bits of this story that simply keep bubbling to the surface.

For our .mil readers - you are probably out of the loop for direct knowledge - but I'd bet my left nut you have a few people you can call to see if there is even a hint of truth involved.

Needless to say, if our .mil is having to thwart False Flag ops on this scale, we do not have the time we thought we had...

Here's the story.  My thanks to Mike C. for sending it over.



  1. "Are the Bad People sufficiently Evil as to unleash a nuclear weapon in a False Flag?

    "Would they purposefully turn the power off, or even execute a ground or air burst to consolidate Communist power on CONUS?"

    That's funny, and I don't mean ha-ha funny. Here's a much tougher question---why in the world wouldn't they? Probably, though, they'd want some assistance and nothing serves like experience...


  2. I read the Dave Hodges article before I saw the link here. I've been following his articles and internet radio program for a little over 8 months. Dave isn't a fear monger, or a sensationalist. He has an interesting bio backround, his father was retired military intelligence officier(Navy I think) who worked with many Paperclip scientists, and just before his dad died he told Dave a lot of things about his work. Dave had to wait a few years before talking about what he was told to preserve his mom military pension. After her death, he began talking about things his dad revealed to him. Dave also has crossed paths with agency people that confided a lot of things also. In my book Dave has a lot of credibility. I take what he says seriously. Do any of you here have any doubts what evil monsters we're dealing with? I sure as hell don't. I read that linked article and seriously contemplated what was said. Doesn't change anything for me, I'm too old and wore out for the hand to hand/fire team shit, so I'm just gonna do my best to attrit, or help get someone get back into the effort if he's in a bad situation. Is it going to be messy at first, I think so, but I'm one pissed off old whiteboy from the ghetto(who escaped it) and plan to serve up one "significant emotional experience" to any evil bastard commie that stumbles into my AO. Have seen the pace to conflict pick up extremely rapidly in the last year and don't see any sign of it doing anything but going full bore pedal to the metal real soon. Gentelmen, ladies good hunting and God Speed.

  3. K---take a look at DW Ulstermans book----Dominatus and his Mac Walker Bengazhi Series of books.....they are fiction....very likely based on facts.

    I expect that our military will be slaughtered out of country and what remains in country will be Obamanated and UN commanded to "protect us" from evil tea party terrorists and III% like u and me....

    Our honorable military commanders and personnel are in grave danger....but like most of us....keep hoping that the nightmare will end and we will wake up in a liberty loving free America where Statesmen Serve the public and defend out liberty with their lives and sacred honor....but instead the nightmare continues....


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