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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rhetorical Question, of course

Do you have a plan?

When SHTF and everyone knows it, do you have a plan?

Is it local, local, local?

Is it to bug out, wait for most of the idiots to kill each other, then get into the fray while leaving your family safely behind?

Who are your targets?

Do you plan on heading back to the safehouse every night for a warm meal and spooning with the wife?

Do you plan to eliminate your town's LEO and political/bureaucratic infrastructure?

Don't tell me what your plan is, or may be.

But, please, have a plan.  Have a plan that is worked out to considerable detail.  Have an exit strategy.  If you have allies, make sure you can touch base with them safely.  If you live in a place that has competing power-groups, recognize who is the fairest and help them take control if they can keep the innocents safe without power going to their heads.

But you need a plan.

And remember - no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

And - You Plan, God Laughs...


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  1. Yes, planning is essential. As to the 'what happens on contact' issue, a very good read on what has actually happened in another country, Greece, during the aftermath of WWII is very instructive. The book is called, 'Savage Continent'; the pertinent chapter is 24. It demonstrates what happens without a plan on a national scale.


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