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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Comms: Burst Tech

With the help of many great Patriots, including one on the Citadel Steering Committee, I am ramping up on Comms.

Now, some Cold War capabilities that I know about are still obviously effective, and thus frowned upon by .gov - one of these techniques is burst transmission.  I'll address others once I get my head around this one.

The majority of my Comms will be used to make contact with local forces when I infil an AO.  That means OTPs. The consensus is that delivering the OTP to allies is best/most secure delivering by hand.  While odds are decent that we could sneak OTPs through the mail given the sheer quantity of mail handled by USPS, the reality is that we could never trust it 100%.  A very trusted ally also on the Citadel Steering Committee who knows USPS from the inside assures me that if FedGov ever wants into your mail, they will leave no trace.  So, once I get to Idaho one of my tasks will be to create One Time Pads and duplicate Keys for allies I anticipate contacting when necessary.  Then I have to travel...

My current request is for burst:  My understanding is that there is software online that will take your CW message, speed it up to X rate, then send it to your ally on the other end, where he can slow it down and decipher the morse.

2 Questions: What is the best software program I can go download right now to burst capability?

Question 2) If .gov or .mil has access to your computer, doesn't that make any measure to take to secure your comms a moot point?

2a)  Is it a solution to secure your comms with burst capability from a laptop by using a laptop that you never connect to the net, disable wifi, and otherwise cut it off from talking to other machines?


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  1. For #2, boot your computer from an encrypted USB thumb drive running a Linux distribution. Once you remove the thumb drive and reboot the computer to your regular hard drive there is no trace of what you did.

    If you use a micro SD card and a USB adapter, that card can be removed and hidden. It is so small it would be impossible to find if you were careful enough.


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