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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

$8 Insurance

This is the final Fight to your Weapon technique I'll put online free.  I wanted everyone to see the content of the video taken by our friends at Brock's PatCon, and the simplicity of the techniques.

I'm charging only $8 per month at www.IIICQB.blogspot.com for the full program.  Right now there are 10+ videos up, and I'll add one every few days until I have uploaded everything in the queue.   The price will be going up soon.  If you hosted a class, please contact the people you had in class and let them know the refresher is online - we didn't collect emails.

Once I get the Studio up and running in St. Maries, we'll add routinely - and many of the techniques we add will be beyond the scope of Fight to your Weapon and GroundFighting 101 - we want you to learn as much as possible.

This summer I hope all of you plan an Idaho vacation (fall for hunting) and drop into the Studio!  We'll train, break bread, show you our beautiful county, and train some more.  We will even help you house-hunt if that is on your agenda.

Why would you pay $8 per month for techniques you have seen before in video over and over?  Every time you watch, you will notice some nuanced difference. Watching without practicing is not good.  Every single day that you go to a dojo you do techniques that you have already done over & over.  You never "Master" a martial technique.  You never "do the same technique twice."  Nuance is always raising its head.  Getting your hand free from Alan P. is far different from getting your hand free from me, and every single time I grab your wrist or Alan P. grabs your wrist, there is some minor difference - our feet are different, our direction of energy is different, your timing is different, there is ALWAYS some variable that is different.  In a dojo you never  "Master" a technique: 90-year-old Masters continue to work on getting their hands free, continue training against multiple attackers, continue working to avoid a straight punch or a haymaker, until the final day of their life - because every single time it is different.

$8 per month is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy, and the next best thing to having me in your dojo.  I say that with as much humility as I can muster.

Here's the link:  www.iiicqb.blogspot.com


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