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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

III: Hodgepodge

The III Projects that we have begun with your help are all chugging along at speed, with outstanding results.

Jim Miller is building official III Arms in your name.  You Patriots have put your name and your principles on display with every single rifle Jim builds.  And believe me, he puts blood, sweat and tears into every single rifle - because he knows that a Patriot will pick up that rifle to defend his home and hearth, and he refuses to let you down.

You can possibly still get a special Christmas rate on one of Jim's Fighting Rifles. Ask him here.

You can also purchase one or a few raffle tickets to win one of the original III Founders rifles Jim Built - the Minuteman-15.  A very small number of those rifles were built, and no more will ever be built or offered to the public.  Owning a III Arms Founders rifle will make you a member of one of the smallest clubs in America. Buy your ticket(s) here - We are stopping sales @ 125 for fairness.

Citadel: I have mentioned that there is much happening under the radar.  You can see a tip of that iceberg on the side of my blog - we have medical professionals, pilots and entrepreneurs moving out to Benewah County.  One thing I will stress - Entrepreneurs: If you can move, do it as soon as possible.  We do not want to be a burden on the local economy.  We want to help the local economy by bringing jobs, tax revenue, and general prosperity to this beautiful town.  I know many of you have not answered the poll about entrepreneurs.  Heck, I haven't answered it either.  But there are a LOT of us who plan to move into the area and add to the community in positive ways.

If you are an applicant of the Citadel, please understand that this is a long-term process that must be done prudently and in phases.  It does NO GOOD for hundreds of families to move into an area if they need jobs.  First, we bring in the job-makers.  Then we bring in the professionals to help support those job-makers.  Then we hire locals.  Then, and only then, when the economy is thriving, do we encourage others to move in. 

If you are thinking of moving in and buying a remote safehouse, by all means come now!  Get your safehouse set up, then if you have the means to stay, welcome!  But if you rely on your job "in the world," then come here, set up your safehouse, and then make this your vacation/hunting/fishing/skiing/boating spot until you can afford to be here without being a burden on anyone.  To quote our friends who are medical professionals: "First do no harm." 

Too many people have tried and failed to create a "Heaven on Earth."  Let's do it right.  Let's not ruin, or even upset, the wonderful nature of St. Maries and Benewah County.  The Redoubt is a very large piece of America.  Benewah County is now MY home, too.  I have an interest in protecting it.

Look carefully at Benewah County.  Look at how we, as a county of like-minded Patriots, could protect our county from troops driving or walking in.  Now expand to the panhandle and southward.  Apply the same military eye.  What is it going to take to keep Bad People out, while keeping Good People able to trade?  Consider how we can move about inside the county if the roads are denied to us.  Consider how we can move about if the air is denied to us.  Can Cessna's and small Experimental 2-4 man helo's hug the Earth sufficiently to stay off .mil radar?  We need protocols, folks. 

We need people who have serious knowledge about these things to help us.  I do NOT have those skills.  I can break a man to death with my hands - quickly, quietly, efficiently...no matter how much bigger than I he may be.  I can kill a great many men with pistols, rifles and knives - more than can kill me.  But beyond that, I do not have Mosby's skills or Max's skills or JC's skills for moving in the small-unit environment and contacting the enemy.  I can move with a hunter's skills - not much more.  I can sneak up on a guy as part of my lifelong martial training - but when I get there, I'm good for one kill, maybe 2 - then I am in trouble.  I am far more well-suited to a city - but it is what it is.   Please do not let Ego get in the way of learning what you need to know.  When we are in the Redoubt trying to keep our families safe, all we have is one another.  Once our families are as safe as we can make them, some of us will be heading out of the Redoubt...

My biggest regret these days is that I can not even approach Mosby or Max or JC to ask them to teach me practical small unit skills - I can't legally carry a rifle so I won't even ask them to put themselves in that position.  All I can do is read, ask some questions, and hope I soak in enough that I don't get my allies killed.  This is one of the primary reasons I consider myself a lone wolf.  Not because it is smart or because I am a sooper-Ninja - but because in a unit setting, I am the weak link.

Someone mentioned recently that there is a difference between the Guerrilla and the "Subversive Underground."  By default, the "Subversive Underground" may be my most effective role.  I need more information on this...

We are coming here to make ourselves safer.  We are coming to make our neighbors safer, by extension.  We must contribute in many ways that help everyone - from growing food to attracting doctors and dentists, to building and making things that will be necessary when the outside world gets ugly.

Let's do our part.


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