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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Armor-up your SHTF Rig

Been considering bulletproof protection for the Jeep.  I'm a black Corbeau guy (far right end) and I was considering welding and bolting a 3/8 plate steel barrier behind to catch any small arms fire that may be lobbed our way from LEO who have no sense of humor. 

The image at left is another option, armored helicopter seats.   While lacking in head protection, I suspect I could find a set with head guards.

But see below - BonnieGadsden just forwarded another option - Bullet-resistant seat covers!

Click the pick, I've linked it to Bonnie Gadsden.

I mentioned a few weeks ago we'd be shifting the focus of this blog to the practical because I truly believe the Liberty Games are closer than we think.  We may not get everything we need in place - but let's try!


  1. You're going to want level IV Armor plate Sam. They'll be firing rifles not pistols

    NDV III.

  2. are you looking for armor Not it plane sight or not concern?

    Other option or add ons is xj's like yours and as well as mine have alot of flat strait lines and surface area. Outside, make deflecting armor. If you want incognito armor, there are cavities in between the panels and the frame. OR both.. The jeep will become very heavy but a strait-6 should be fine.. Then just gotta figure out suspension.



    1. Not concerned with hiding the armor. Bolted/welded in place behind the seats. Armor driver and passenger doors. Probably some sort of plate I can roll up via servo over the back window as an extra layer against rifle fire. But I can't go overboard to kill mobility/brakes.etc.


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