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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For your Consideration

Don't ask me no questions, I won't tell you no lies...or have to kill you afterward.  I have made it clear, though low-key, that my mis-spent youth included far more than the ability to fix HVAC machines. 

Time is growing short and I know some folks are getting closer to that operational tripwire by the day.  So, it is time that I reveal one of my more closely-guarded operational bits of tradecraft.  Yes, it will defeat Facial Recognition if you do it right.  Doing it right at that level is not amateur-level skill.  To truly, consistently defeat Facial Recognition you need to master the skills AND you need to do some research on how facial recognition works.  Facial Recognition works by mapping many waypoints on your face, then measures those distances - hit enough proper distances between waypoints, you get a match.

However - any amateur can defeat the average eye-witness in about an evening of playing with an amateur-level kit.

You can even buy several masks that are ready to slip over your head.  If you don't feel like using the glue and color to blend the edges into your eyes, slip on a pair of good sunglasses, a fedora, and go to work.

If you get good at prosthetics you CAN change the measurements between Facial Recognition waypoints.  But in the real world your ops will probably happen so fast (and away from cameras if you are careful) that you can get away with FX designed to confuse witnesses.  But if you plan for a long-term career as a Guerrilla or Subversive Element, get good at adding latex prosthetics and using make-up.

Adding a fake mustache and beard and scar is NOT going to defeat the Big Boys.

But if you are feeling lazy, need to go to work fast, have a few full-cover latex masks on-hand so you can pull them over your head.

Now, if you are built like a classic man - 6' plus, muscle-bound, blah, blah, this may rule you out.  However, most of us guys can buy the proper FX gear, including body padding and clothing, that we can go anywhere as a little old lady.  You want to talk about getting inside someone's OODA loop, do what you have to do.

Do NOT forget your hands, your neck, your forearms,, anything that can give you away.

Believe me folks, a black man in a Black AO with enough latex on his face to defeat Facial Recognition will live to fight another day...

I have a simple rule when it comes to Liberty.


By any fuckin' means necessary.

Sorry I withheld this tactic from you for so long - but I am at a place now where my OpFor enemies can have my secrets, if it helps any one of you pull off a caper.

Here's just one source.



  1. And it works too


  2. Remember these roll down's from the Punisher movie?


    Don't know if you could get them to work, but neat

  3. What did you do during your youth? CIA?


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