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Monday, December 9, 2013

Thank You

Folks,  Holly and I keep a lot of III plates in the air at any one time.  We feel time is short, and many of us are behind the curve on several topics - ourselves included.  You have noticed my recent mad-rush on comms.  Just a review of the last few posts show our minds are all over the place. And they don't even include some of the most pressing, in-your-face subjects with which we are dealing.

But in every case you have stepped up and helped answer questions we have, whether the question is for us or other Patriots.  This is community.  This is cohesion.  In this particular community, we have been greatly successful in setting aside Ego to help one another.  Incidents of ad hominem attacks are drastically reduced, especially over at WRSA where I recommend all of our serious discussions take place.  I do not know how many Patriots visit WRSA, Mosby, Culper, my blog, Wirecutter, Bill Nye, DTG, TheSteelIBeam, HisWiserAngel, and so many others that I call "Our Blogs," but I would like to find a way to get all of those people in one place for a weekend, and see what would come out of it at the end of the weekend.  I think Liberty would be stronger.

So, a simple and humble Thank You from myself and Holly to you all.

She and I will be heading to St. Maries very soon, paving the way for a great many Patriots who have decided to join us.  If you plan to come to Idaho, we look forward to meeting you soon.  If you do not plan to come west, we hope to meet you during our excursions here.

Yours in Liberty,

Holly & K

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