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Monday, December 9, 2013

Citadel: Reminder

The entire Citadel concept is to provide as safe a place as possible if the world goes to hell on us.

We decided that the ability to build firearms would be a critical bit of infrastructure, not only for ourselves, but as a commodity to trade for what we need.

Jim Miller has taken point and satisfied that aspect of this plan, in record time with fantastic quality.

But we need to continue driving forward and that means YOU have to step up.  Jim needs people who can provide him with metal when supplies dry up.  We need ammo - not just now when components are easy to get, but we need guys who can set up companies to make powder and cases and bullets and primers.  We need guys who can make scopes. We need guys who can make arrows and archery gear. We need guys who can make warm flannel.  We need to build an entire, self-sufficient Made in the USA town!  We need guys who modify SHTF rigs.  We need guys who can make SHTF rigs from scratch and sell new.  We need guys who can fix radios and build them from scratch.

We need YOU to step up and take the plunge, Patriots. We need you to follow your passions and cut the umbilical cord to your cubicle and take a chance to start making ammo and medical supplies.

Making rifles alone will NEVER get the Citadel built.

Right this minute there are entrepreneurs and others moving into Benewah County, improving our odds and adding infrastructure.  We need more.  You are that guy.

Be that guy.


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