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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So, now LEO has been given talking points about their new .mil gear...

Someone in a Leftist political spin shop has finally been tasked with offering talking points when Citizens dare challenge why .mil is giving LEO all their gear.  Here's what the Salinas Police Chief said about becoming 'militarized' (Hint: He said LEO is not becoming militarized because...)

“An allegation that we are militarizing has to be that we were patrolling the streets in platoons in greater numbers, that we were setting up checkpoints and searching people in and out of neighborhoods,” he told the interviewer.

The Salinas PD isn’t doing any of that, he said.

So, if your local LEO isn't patrolling in platoon-sized units or more, they are not militarized.

Seems I recall in Boston not long ago I saw platoon-sized patrols, with exactly this sort of light armor rolling with them, which made that patrolling quite a bit more intense and capable, and intimidating for those people being swarmed out of their homes.

Salinas residents, you have been warned.  If you listen to the Chief's words and ignore what you see with your own eyes, shame on you.

Here's the link.


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