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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sparks31: Radio Basics

I never earned the SF pin pictured above.  I include it out of respect to those in our patriot community who have earned it, and who are using those skills to help us navigate our way through topics that are their expertise.  I wonder how many of those guys ever dreamed they might one day have to ply their craft with Americans, versus oppressed Tribes elsewhere on the globe.

Sparks31 offers a radio blog that is outstanding.  He's kind enough to slow down for newbies and doesn't talk over our heads.  I've seen the same patience from Mosby and other SF professionals.  My thanks to them all.

Here is an excellent resource for radio 101 just posted by Sparks. 

I commend it to you, here.



  1. hey, dif subject...i just got an email supposedly from holly, wanting my digital info so she could "thank me for my donation." is this legit from her? she nor you needs to thank me, i just wish i coulda done more. take care.

    1. Yes sir - she wants to thank those who recently helped with the Studio by phone rather than merely an email. She is quite the Lady in that regard. She asked for your carrier so she could be sure not to burn your minutes if you aren't on Verizon, and details like that.

      Thanks for what you did for us, it really means something deep in our hearts. I think she included her personal cell number in that email - please feel free to call her anytime if you ever wish to say "Hi". :)



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