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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Evil in full view

Christine Lagarde - Enemy of Liberty
The AP has a story today about world economics that is simply mind-blowing in it's brazen willingness to lie to the people of the world.

The woman in the picture above is Christine Lagarde, current head of the IMF.  On the day that several thousand veterans and other Patriots converged on the WWII Memorial in Washington, that day when one of our own raised the call "To the White House!", a few blocks away in a building ringed with security this woman issued her first public call for a "Wealth Tax".

Read the article, it won't take long.  The purpose of reading it is to remind yourself how willing these people are to lie and how intent they are to steal your wealth.  Make no mistake, "inflation" is simply one more tool in the toolbox to take your wealth.  They freely admit their goal is that inflation run at 2% each year - that means each year your $1 bill is worth 2% less.  Then the AP reports that the IMF and other thieves are worried about "...massive deflation..." - when prices drop.  In the worldview of the IMF and Banksters, when you pay less for butter it is a bad thing.  They say you will actually buy less butter, waiting for the price to drop even more - thus the economy suffers.

Like I said, read the piece just to remind yourself how Evil and manipulative these Enemies of Liberty are in their Souls.

And remind yourself how easy it is today, in hindsight, to see the Evil of Hitler and Mao and other historic attacks upon Liberty.  Today, we are in the swirl of the same Evils, it is simply harder to identify when you are hip deep.  Keep reminding yourself that Evil is attacking you from all directions.  This AP piece will help stoke that fire for you.

Here's the link.


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  1. LOL. I'll say this...you make about the best case for mass elimination that can be made! It still fails, but I admit that a world that includes witches like this, is pretty damn nauseating. Oh well...we just gotta learn not to nauseate so easily; that's on us.

    So is being sure she keeps her damn paws to herself. In the end, that's ALL that matters.


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