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Saturday, January 25, 2014

NC Renegade

David & Co. have sharp eyes and know what stories matter.  They need to be in your daily routine.

Here's the link.



  1. Thank you for your support. I am just trying my best to be a watchman on the wall.

    I am posting weekly economic summaries like Sam Culper's ExSums. This past week's summary outlines the prelude of the economic collapse:

  2. Folks, the time has come to stand together as one nation under God indivisible to support and defend our liberty. This Republic form of government was established by our Founders to protect our life, liberty and property, so let's stop supporting abortion with our tax dollars; terminating innocent human life is not protecting life.

    Allowing our federal government to restrict our rights, in so many ways and including what has been happening with the land that the federal government stole from the states, spying on us, restricting the Second Amendment taking over our schools and forcing Common Core on our children, insisting that we give up our God given rights to freedom of association, speech and religious expression violate of rights.

    What the the federal government is doing to the ranchers including the Bundy Ranch is outrageous and unConstitutional. This is a violation of our property rights.

    Yes, my friends, it is high time that we stand up and defend our God given rights. The federal government has taken over and we need to return it to a limited form of federal government, not continue to allow the federal government limit our rights.

    We must no longer comply and resist tyranny at every attempt to further restrict our rights/

    Glenn Beck, whom I love and whom I believe is a Patriot, must practice his faith based civil disobedience and not insist that we wait until we are being dragged off to FEMA camps. The time is now. Resist and do not comply. We must be honorable and decent to each other.

    When the first shot is taken against by our government us we must respond with the force of the Liberty Movement and fight to win. We must conduct ourselves like honorable soldiers.

    Those of us and our family members in the military and law enforcement must join the Liberty Movement and obey only just and Constitutional orders. Remind those serving in government that they must refuse unjust and unConstitutional order and join the Sones and Daughters of Liberty so that together we will restore the Constitution. God bless you. Long live the Republic. Peace, Peter ~

  3. A number of people who are in the "alternative"media, like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and commentators like Ann Coulter, along with conservative politicians are calling Clive Bundy a racist for making a statement about slavery. When did Mr. Bundy give up his First Amendment right to free speech? And why are we conservatives and all Americans not standing up and speaking out in support of his right to free speech, regardless of whether we agree with his statement, does he not have the right to say it. Jesse Jackson not only made "racist" statements about white people and Jews but spit in their food.

    Folks, Mr. Bundy is free to say what he likes, agree or not, so respect and stand up for his right to speak his mind. Actually, his comments were not racist as much as he was making a point about what the Liberal Progressive government has done to America. I would have said it differently; however, liberty mean freedom to say what you want.

    The politicians and "alternative" media folks are comfortable and may not want to be seen as "racist", even though Mr. Bundy made a comment he is entitled to do make and does not mean he is racist.

    My brothers and sisters, stand up now and consistently for our rights and Be Not Afraid. God told us in Scripture 365 times, Be Not Afraid, once for every day of the year. Do not fall for the Progressive Facist tactics of demonizing us and please don't do their work for them (Glenn, Dana, Ann, Rand, Sean). Freedom is being free to say what we will. Speak the true, be kind and avoid giving the Progressives ammunition, we need it to defend ourselves.

    God bless you. Long live the Republic. Peace, Peter ~


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