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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fight to Your Weapon Update

What I am explaining in the picture is the premise of the "Fight to your Weapon" class.

The moment the enemy grabs your wrist (as my left wrist is grabbed here) there is no need to get fancy, no need to execute any technique, whether elaborate or simple.

Just pull your pistol or knife, and kill your enemy.

I wish I had been training with my Blue Guns for this picture, I might have even said "pew, pew, pew!"

I've posted a new technique from the class at III CQB.

In a few days the passwords will be changing and only Members will have access going forward.  The cost is only $8 per month, and I've got hosting fees to cover each month.  Sign up!  There's a PayPal link on the III CQB page.

Here's the III CQB link.

Stay safe.


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  1. "Never let a good crisis go to waste", by that I mean Sam is right. Do not miss the simplistic opportunity to destroy that which means you harm. You will not get a second chance so make it count. Train, train and train some more. This is more than training your "clearing leather" skills folks. It is WAY more than that.

    In order to clear leather to draw your side arm, knife, hawk or fists the ultimate training comes to the most root basic in this equation. That folks is your brain. The pistol, knife, hawk or fists are all tools. Tools that are executed for use by your brain. Just like you train with tools, you MUST train your brain as well. Know deep down that know matter what, you will prevail. At any means necessary. By your hands and your hands alone. Know always that your brain is at full capacity to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. No hesitation. No question. You will prevail.

    And now accept the fact whole heartedly that you may die in that process and you will win! You do not have a say so in your time of death. God does. So when the "switch" is flipped on you in life, unleash your whole self worth and destroy that which means to extinguish you at a moments notice. This is beyond situational awareness. This is animalistic survival at its best. I may always be smiling and joking, but trust me when I say, I know exactly how I will destroy when I look around on a daily basis.
    In Liberty,


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