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Sunday, January 12, 2014

III Arms: Founders #1 1911

**UPDATE**  I missed video Jim had sent me as well - firing Unit #1 - it is now below in the middle of the post. - K

Jim Miller posted this image at his Facebook page, here.

Video below - missed the video earlier.

They say success is the best revenge.

I'm really not feeling much in the way of vengeance right now for those who cried "Scam" and "They'll never deliver a single unit" and so many other negative attempts to destroy this Patriot effort.

I feel pride.  I am proud to know Jim Miller.  I am proud of every single Founder who trusted us enough to give this a shot.  I am proud of every single Patriot who has given us moral support, and who flies III Arms banners on their blogs.

And I feel sad for those who tried to kill this growth of the Liberty Movement.

Don't get all weepy and think I've had some sort of emotional growth - I'm not that evolved.   ;)

I am simply proud of all of you.  I know who is destined to own that first 1911.  May you never need to fire it in self defense - but if you do, I know that 1911 will do its part to help keep you alive.

III Arms Company, here.

Jim's Facebook page, here.



  1. In just a few weeks I'll be ordering another rifle from Jim. This rifle will be a reward to myself for getting out of CA. I also pledge to buy at least one rifle a year from III arms to give as gifts to my tribe. Bank it.
    Chuck Myhre

    1. I like your idea Chuck. I believe I will start this too as a new resolution. I bought one last year. Hey it's a new year. I will have to get back to work and then order one for this year.

      Mike M.

  2. I am content with my tribe, but DAYUM! What the hell do I have to do to get into Chuck's tribe?! A III Rifle for members of his tribe? Shit man, thats awesome!

    Good job Jim and every one of you Patriots that dug deep in your pockets to take the leap as founders as well as you Patriots that made this leap a reality by purchasing one of these fine pieces of tyrant destroying weaponry.
    In Liberty,


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