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Sunday, January 12, 2014

III Whiskey: AWESOME!!!

I rec'd this from David over at NCRenegade, here.

III Whiskey.

This is outstanding, Patriots.  It means our III Brand is growing, it means our roots are growing deeply into the minds and Souls of Americans.  This is a good thing.

I also know a III Beer and III Vodka are in the works.  There are two III Patriots in Pennsylvania who make a superb selection of brandy's and bourbon and more.

Here's the note included in the email, I believe written by Hans, a brilliant mind in our community who contributes often at NCRenegade, and who I have had the honor of meeting because of Brock.


On a road trip to the Carolinas I picked up 2 regional whiskies. This is from South Carolina, from a new distillery. The newness of both the distillery and spirit are worrying, but I'm all for giving it a shot. Here's to novelty!


Its fair enough. Simple and direct is worlds better than fluff and marketing.


Lots of grains, thankfully, and not just a sea of corn and rye. A bit of burn, owing to the abv. I actually find a bit of leather and raisin, hard oak and charcoal smoke with a strong corn and wheat top.


Touch of water fixes the hard edge. The result is a bit unusual. Very sweet front of raw sugar and corn meets a big base of oak and cigar smoke. A bit of mocha and a big, oaty wave come in the middle and it ends cornbread and sweet tea. Odd, but enjoyable. Very impressive for a young and new Bourbon.

Where can you buy: Google Trey Herrings Craft Spirits and Trey Herring Distillery




  1. Touch of water fixes the hard edge

    Now Hans, goodness gracious bless your heart honey chile', you must know that you always drink bourbon with branch water..........:)

  2. I would be anxious to try a sip at the NC PatCon this May. Will the brewer be there? I will bring some of mine as always if you bring some of yours.
    In Liberty,

  3. I cannot verify that the "III" on the label has any relationship to "threepers".

    The product review was copied from Practical Whisky blogsite.

    I bought the bottle because I wanted to infer a relationship.

    Cheers, Hans
    in the NC woods

    1. Hans:

      I made a post of this last night and did not find any place on-line that sells it, but the NC ABC store has a listing and I'll go by tomorrow to see if they are carrying it.

  4. I had no clue there was a community of III's out there. This is by far the baddest ass sight I've ever seen. Props to Gabby Hayes III for turning me on. Thanks for the support and the kind review. Cheers! -Trey Herring

  5. I would like to try it when it becomes available in Idaho. Just curious, isn't the term "bourbon" only for whiskey made in KY? I believe there was even a law defining it by location and content. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. Below from Jim Beam. I like Virginia Gentleman, though probably because I grew up among the family who produced it at the time. I went to the ABC store today and they didn't have III and neither was it listed in their book, though it is on the NC ABC website. Also, I could find no where online to buy it, so their #1 problem is making it readily available.

    Bourbon is kinda like whiskey's "sweet spot." Why? Well, first, because corn is a sweet grain. The more corn, the sweeter the whiskey. Also, it's tougher to make bourbon than whiskey. In fact, the government actually has standards for "Straight Bourbon Whiskey."

    By law, bourbon must be:

    Produced in the USA
    Made of a grain mix of at least 51% corn
    Distilled at less than 160 proof (80% ABV)
    No additives allowed (except water to reduce proof where necessary)
    Aged in new, charred white oak barrels
    Aged for a minimum of two years*

    * To be called "Straight" bourbon


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