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Sunday, January 12, 2014

III Citadel: Update

We are very proud about how the Citadel Project is progressing.  Families and businesses are moving toward the Redoubt.  The way I like to see this in my mind is to picture Benewah County at night time, and each III Patriot family and business is a pinpoint of light.  Those pinpoints are growing in number and brightness.  If we zoom out to the greater Redoubt, there are even more pinpoints of Patriot lights.  But, of course, my concern is Benewah County.

What we have come to call the Stronghold is our Showcase.  Families will begin to live there this spring and summer. Other families and businesses are coming into the county over the 2014 year.  Finding a contiguous parcel of land physically large enough to satisfy the needs of the full Citadel is challenging, but we are patient.  We are certain that when the time is right, the opportunity will present itself.  Until then the evolution of the Citadel Project is advancing one family at a time, one business at a time, one individual or couple at a time, truly patriotic Americans who possess the Pioneer Spirit that built this fine country.  Walls and other facets of the Citadel will happen piece by piece as the time is right.  Until then, we will continue to bring III Patriot entrepreneurs and families into the area to help improve the local economy and to help the people of Benewah County understand that we intend to be a positive addition to their wonderful community.

At the Stronghold we will continue to prepare for III Arms to relocate when the time is right.  Jim Miller is producing fine Fighting Rifles and Pistols at III Arms.  We need to begin a series of serious conversations related to the Citadel at the blog.

The Steering Committee has taken the decision to suspend the private forum for applicants and Founders and move our primary venue of discourse to the III Citadel Blog.  We have taken the blog private - if you are a III Arms Founder or Citadel Applicant (either pending or approved applicant) simply email VJ@IIICitadel.com for access to the blog.  Round Two of Applicant questions are live at the blog.  I will be posting over there later today as well.

I encourage all Patriots who intend to be part of the Citadel - whether on Citadel property or simply part of the Citadel community while owning your own property in Benewah County - to watch the national political atmosphere carefully and t relocate as soon as is feasible for you and your family.  Holly and I are headed that way, our new Studio is already undergoing remodeling.  We hope to act as a welcoming committee for all III Patriots who come to visit or relocate, just drop us an email.

Final note, regarding the broader III:  A few very generous III Patriots have dug deeply into their war chests and are providing the funding needed to launch a Washington DC-Class fundraiser which is essential to grow our war chest as an organization.  The operations in our future require financial support, that is simply a reality.  Because of these Patriots, we will be able to reach out and make serious gains for III Patriots.

Stay safe, Patriots.


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