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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fighting 'hawk

So. you have added a 'hawk to your kit.  It is a tool and weapon, or can be designated one or the other.

If you plan to fight with your 'hawk, just keep reality in mind.  If you plan to fight a guy 'hawk against 'hawk, shoot him if possible.  You are probably not going to invest the time to become a "Tomahawk Fighter", and if you think you are ever going to throw your 'hawk ala The Patriot and kill a man by sticking it in his skull or hit a moving target and sever his spine - well, you'll probably just throw your 'hawk away.

BonnieGadsden has linked a video for you to consider.

Don't box Mike Tyson, don't wrestle Royce Grace, and don't pull a knife on a real Knife Fighter.  At most, if you find yourself in a CQB situation and decide to use your 'hawk, hopefully your enemy is unarmed, falling (or fallen) or otherwise outmatched by your tomahawk.  Then split his skull, or bury the blade in his chest, or hack his arm before he can pull a sidearm or knife.

Just don't fall into the Egoism that many men do - "I have a Tomahawk, ergo, I am a death-eating 'hawk fighter".

There is ALWAYS someone better than you, regardless of what you are doing.

Here's the link.


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  1. Good advice Sam and as most well know, "There has never been a horse that can't be rode and there has never been a cowboy who can't be thrown".


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