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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our Framers had a choice: Abolition of Slavery or Union - they got both

Constitution as a waypoint: We could do much, much worse...

KrisAnne Hall explains for those who only bother to read the headlines, instead of think.

The Constitution ended slavery.  The Constitution ended Mob Rule.  The Constitution established the only piece of real estate on Earth operating under true personal Liberty.  That we have let it devolve is our fault.  Let's get back to an even keel before we try to "fix" it.  Because what is "broken" was broken by men.  Let's get rid of those men, and see where we stand.



  1. The constitution didn't end slavery at least not until it was amended in 1865.

    1. Oh, wait - you're one of those who claim Lincoln freed the slaves?

      Stop breeding, please.


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