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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

III Arms: Lexington & Concord

Founders 1911's from III Arms.

Founders #1 was nick-named "Lexington" by her owner.  #2, Concord, follows well.

Look at these two pictures, enlarge them to see the detail, to get a hint of the attention to detail Jim Miller puts into his firearms:

Safety control as delivered to Jim Miller at III Arms

The same Safety lever after Jim makes it
acceptable for use in a III Arms 1911
Quality takes time.  It takes skill.  It takes patience.  It costs more. 

And when you put your front sight on a Bad Guy who means to end your life and rape your wife, you know that Jim Miller has applied the same level of craftsmanship to every single component of every single Fighting Weapon built and delivered by III Arms.

III Arms Company, here.  I think he has a few ARs ready to ship, and if you want one of these 1911s, you'd better touch base with him and get in line.  Tomorrow is promised to no man.


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