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Sunday, January 19, 2014


***NOTE***  Bloggers - I have created a site dedicated to IIIGear in blog format so I can get feedback much more quickly, and I would genuinely appreciate it if you could add the new site to your blogroll:  iiigear.blogspot.com

I warned everyone that IIIGear would be sloppy beginning in December until we get settled in Idaho.  Holly and I are physically moving across the country, and it is no small task.  We sent a series of December orders out yesterday, the final batch go tomorrow.  As of our records, everything is in the mail that was ordered through yesterday, including those of you who ordered new Condor gear and were waiting - my shipment came in late last week and went right back out the door.  So, if you are owed anything from IIIGear that doesn't arrive by the end of the week, zip me an email.  Just know that I will be physically unable to do much about it until H and I get unloaded in Idaho.

Condor Phone Pouch
That said: I ordered a new pouch from Condor, you see it below.  My smartphone is a DroidX, and when I push it into the pouch, the flap closes as you see in picture #2 - it is a perfect fit.  (In pic #2 my phone is inside the closed case)  The screen is 4.3 inches, with a border.  I took the pouch to the Verizon Wireless store, and it worked perfectly on all the phones I tried (ALL of the 4.7 screens fit just fine) -EXCEPT some of the newer phones with huge screens (the 5.7 inch Note by Samsung and the 5.9" by HTC will NOT allow the cover to close and catch the Velcro.)

Condor Phone Pouch in closed position - my Android is inside.

Anyone who has been looking for a good phone case that blends with your tactical gear, I recommend this Condor.  It'll work on your molle, and in picture #3 you can see the back of the pouch has 1 loop that is sewn and 2 that are Velcro - so mounting options are many.

III Shoulder Patch
included with order
Back of Condor Phone Pouch - not one sewn loop
and 2 Velcro loops - you can mount this anywhere.
**Note**  I am adding a PayPal button below, just be advised that there will be a delay as we are crossing the country.  I will place the order when I physically arrive in Idaho, and Condor will ship to me in Idaho, where I will turn the orders back around to you.  Feel free to continue ordering from IIIGear.com, just please keep the same caveat in mind - I am physically unable to do much in terms of any shipping or snafus until I get to Idaho.  If you buy the phone case here, I'll include a III shoulder patch free. 

FYI: Please don't send anything to my Maryland location - I won't get it and my house-sitter doesn't do mail.  All III Operations will happen from Idaho going forward.

Cost: $21.50 + S/H
(includes shoulder patch)


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