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Monday, January 20, 2014

Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed: It is cold - and planting season is just around the corner!

Despite the "Polar Vortex Plague", planting season is just around the corner.  Gardeners are already turning their thoughts to feeling the rich soil between fingers and putting seed into the ground.

Jebadiah Fisher is ready to help you get ready for the season!

This year Jebadiah Fisher has added à la carte so you can shop specifically for the seed you want, in addition to their already famous bulk packages.  Be sure to look at the Liberty Seed Package - if you have a Patriotic ally and you buy him a Liberty Package of seed it may be nearly as valuable as handing him a rifle.

What else is new this season at Jebadiah Fisher?  Medicinal Herbs and Culinary Herbs!

Take a moment to drop into Jebadiah Fished Garden Seed and add to your seed preps, or buy the seed you need for this season, buy for a friend or someone you know who needs some food aid, or at least have a look around and make plans to keep your family fed and healthy when traditional sources of obtaining food become interrupted.

Be sure to drop into the Jebadiah Blog as well!  If you are a blogger, please consider adding it to your blogroll!

Winter is already winding down, folks.  A few more weeks of shivering, and the season will change and the world will come back to vibrant, fruitful life!

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  1. You motivated me to support a fellow patriot. Just placed my order

    1. You, Patriot, are why we still have a chance.

      Good on you.


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