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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A beak from our regular programming...

I have spoken with several serious Patriots in our community and I have become convinced that either Paintball or Airsoft Training can be an important and beneficial aspect of Guerrilla training.

I would like you feedback.

Brock's Spring PatCom is scheduled for May 8-12th.  I have asked Sparks at Signal Corps if he is available to attend and teach a Comms class, but he is otherwise committed.  I have not yet approached Brock - but what do you guys think - would it be beneficial to have an exercise during Brock's PatCon centered around an Airsoft or Paintball event?  How about a Paintball or Airsoft event at the fall 2014 Citadel Patcon?  Any value or interest?  Perhaps we could even recruit a Max, Mosby, JC or other trainer to lead us through the event so we can learn something.

Let me know if such an event, either at Brock's or the Citadel holds value.



  1. I'll let you know that during my army training, all of my units have felt a level of camaraderie while paintballing, and after, that was only matched by the teambuilding exercises.
    I had also been an amateur paintballer in junior high and highschool and must mention that unless you limit the number of balls in the hopper, most players will fall back to spray and pray maneuvers.


  2. Yes, I think that's a great idea. I can't speak for Brock of course, but I think we should do it at the Citadel PatCon. I can borrow my grandson's Airsoft AR.

    Miss Violet

  3. If you want to do it at Brocks My Brother and I will come and run it.


    1. G1: What is a good size of a "playing field" in acreage to run drills and a force-on-force closing exercise?

    2. We can work with about 1.5 to 2 acres. Less if the terrain is more closed. A good pistol range is all we need for the drills but to do a good force on force exercise we want some concealment.


    3. Have you been to Brock's? Will it work? If you haven't been there, CA has been, and I know they ran TCCC there a few times.

    4. Thanks, G1.

      I'll run it by Brock. People will need Airsoft long guns, pistols (if the are deemed necessary) I know that Holly and I are anticipating. You and your brother are welcome as guests for my CQB class Friday.

    5. Here's a map of Dixieland for him to view. It consists of six acres, but that includes the road in front and on the side that the government stole.


  4. Paintball. Airsoft. Damn! When I was in basic training it was BB guns, face shields, field jackets and gloves.

    1. We are kindler, gentler fire-eating Guerrillas, donchakno...


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