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Thursday, February 13, 2014

#5: One Week

I have a few extra minutes today, so I figured I'd offer Hint #4.  Please don't just skim these study points - really explore them and let your tactical and strategic juices flow.

Here's the next tidbit: A few days ago a very astute commenter at WRSA (sorry I don't know who said it, I'd give you credit) said "Nothing will change until the bureaucrats are afraid to go to work."

That is a strategic thinker.

Study material: Remember a year or so ago when a couple of court officials got popped in Texas?  First reports thought there was some elaborate op underway targeting prosecutors.

That isn't the important part.

Study news stories from the incidents, and pay particular attention to the fact that bureaucrats who worked in the courthouse very quickly began demanding armed escorts to their vehicles, and then many simply stopped going to work.

Consider that.

Here's one story.  Research further from there.

Consider what happens when tyrants lose their trigger-pullers, and then they lose the cogs in the machine who move paperwork from A to B.  Consider how hard it was to find a badge and gun during the LA riots.

Keep thinking.  Dare to let your mind wander...

We'll talk more, later.



  1. Apologies for being off topic.
    Are you familiar with the "BTP - catalog department?
    If so, thanks.

  2. I'm not too far from where this shit went down. Williams knocked off a DA, a prosecutor, and the DA's wife.... All supposedly over stolen computers that Williams was prosecuted for and booted from his JP position for. They were reallllllll quick to throw the White National / Aryan Brotherhood types in the ring as prime suspects from the jump. I wonder why? These small town boys were shook, asking for just like you said K, armed escorts to work... The moment they ask for armed escorts is the part where they look at the psyche scale and see they are a bit obese in the guilt department. In that exact moment, they realize the impact of their previous injustices. Just the planting of that seed in their minds was enough to make them shake at the core and bunch up and circle the wagons. Big ones line up, little ones bunch up...All the same. For folks who are so big on showing a big feather spread, they sure do get rattled easy... We need to figure out how to remove that aspect in the control gears of the machine. When realized that the aspect of scene control has gone away, they get uneasy. Somehow the statement they make of "If you've done nothing wrong, then you've got nothing to hide" is a little ironic isn't it? Disregard the tactics for what they are... Just tactics used to get you to answer a question that you don't have to.


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