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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Consideration #3: One Week...

I've been part of this community for several years now.  As a community we have explored a very wide scope of philosophies, possibilities and ways forward to recover Liberty.  Obviously, not all of us agree on the details.  However, a significant coalition has formed based on this premise: Let us all work toward restoring the Constitution to a 1791 state, pre-Marbury, before things started getting perverted by the Federalists.  I have sworn to my friends and allies who seek Liberty that once we reach that state of being, if they wish to go further and secede or otherwise opt-out, I will stand with them and ensure they are permitted to leave without being molested.  This is called working together toward Liberty - Liberty defined by each man.  Not everyone has agreed to this plan, but enough serious Patriots are aboard that I know it can work.

One of the most frustrating aspects facing this community has been the inability to agree on a path forward to actually begin the process of recovering Liberty.  The masses are too comfy with their EBT cards - and they will probably fight to keep them.  The Marxists/Commies/Progressives are the majority in America.  In our own community, too many Patriots who have the balls to go to the Green are knee-capped because we can't ensure the safety of our families once we leave the porch.

So, I am in the process of offering a course of action that can be debated - once I put it out there.

I have taken the decision that revealing my proposal can't be done in a single post - it is too long and I would have to sacrifice far too much nuance.  So, I decided to roll it out over a week or so, giving everyone a chance to re-familiarize themselves with old events that will be important to grasping the full scope of what I propose.  Thus far I have encouraged my readers to study the Dorner Affair and the Beltway Sniper Affair as refreshers.  Don't just skim the stories, get into the meat - examine what the bad guys did, how .gov and LEO reacted, and how the civilians reacted.

I included a picture of Thomas Jefferson above.  I firmly believe he would prefer that we recover our Liberties without violence.  I agree with him.  Sadly, what Mister Jefferson wants, what I want and what you want is not the end of the discussion.  You and I can't control what the other guy decides to do.  The other guy wants absolute capitulation by us.  The other guy wants to be our Master.  The other guy has proven hundreds and hundreds of times that he will use deadly force if you fail to comply with his diktats.  The other guy employs his violence through the Standing Army of Law Enforcement Officers, a class of citizens who have proved countless times that they will kill you if so ordered.

#3: Today's Consideration as I lay out my plan for recovering Liberty: Rack your brains, use your Google-fu, and find me one single example in America where a Citizen was targeted by the government, for any infraction, and when a bureaucrat enforced the law and used deadly force to force compliance.

Just one instance.  A bureaucrat, without the legal sanction of a badge and gun, forced compliance to a law when the Citizen resisted, without calling a LEO (village/town/city/state/Fed) to do violence on behalf of the State.  Just one example where the bureaucrat did his own violence in furtherance of State/Fed law.

While you are at it, let's lump-in Study Assignment #4: The Battle of Athens.  Study it in depth.



  1. Anyone who survives an encounter with LE and leaves behind casualties, is in need of some form of 'Underground Railroad' and an outlaw haven. The prospect of resistance becomes more palatable if recourse to disappear quickly is available. We may need to become runaway slaves in our own union until critical mass is reached, some thought and discussion should be given to the organic or engineered formation of such a network.

    1. Along the same vein, it has always gotten under my skin that Snowden, as a whistle blower, had to hide in mother Russia. (that is if he is truly a patriot and not a foreign intel op). Let's for the sake of discussion say he is true blue, red blooded patriot. Would there be a way to protect others like him, patriots with valuable intel on ways and means of .gov abuse? Could a group of freemen hold a piece of land where sanctuary is offered to whistleblowers? I understand there would be the question of manpower, logistics and 100 other details, but if the sanctuary was built on the qt, and an aggressive PR campaign was waged at the right time to inform potential whistleblowers of a safe zone then once there was precious cargo on board another PR campaign to win the hearts and minds of the semi-awake public, I think .gov could be baited into a very tenuous position. A position that may indeed end with incoming fire from the goon squad, but if managed correctly, may be written about 100 years in the future as the 2nd Boston Massacre.

  2. Sam, some extra credit study work;


    "The Battle of Blair Mountain was one of the largest civil uprisings in United States history and the largest armed rebellion since the American Civil War.[1]".



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