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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DTG: Preps

If you do not have them in your pantry or cache when the rest of the world realizes they need bread, butter and toilet paper, you will not get what you need.

If you do not have the firearms and ammo you need when the next Sandy Hook happens, you will not be able to get them.

Here's more from Defensive Training Group.

Do not die simply because you waited a day too long to get your guns and butter.

Here's the link.


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  1. Amen bro...living here in Charlotte ,experiencing our version of snowmageddon, it is fascinating to hear the stories/news reports of folks having to go out and buy supplies when we were told in advance, that it was going to snow and sleet, thereby crippling the region...I have talked to many folks who simply do not have 3 days worth of supplies, never mind the tools for self protection.....I have no sympathy for them, for they were forewarned...We wouldn't have to leave for a long time if necessary.....Great site, appreciate the efforts...PSYOP Soldier


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