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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A big thank you!

Richard D, - who took our SoCal CQB Class - just sent an amazing assortment of hard copy maps.  Thanks, Richard - these will come in handy.



  1. A really good place to pick up maps are second hand stores. You get them for practically nothing. I was able to buy around ninety of them for $2, at that price I was able to go through them and only keep the best ones.

    Miss Violet

  2. We were all uniquely chosen for this time, there are no coincidences - only Providence, "we all just have to pick up that rope and start pulling" as Brother Jake has said, everyone has something to contribute, if we all just do what we were put here to do, mountains will be moved and Freedom will live on not only in the hearts and minds of Patriots, but in this land as well. Thanks are not needed for doing what I was put here to do, but thank you just the same.
    Richard R Deaver
    Death to Tyrants


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