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Thursday, February 20, 2014

When you walk into a newsroom, just ignore Comrade Jerkoffovich in the corner who is taking notes...

According to FCC, FedGov plans to put "Monitors" in every studio that reports "news".

Comrade Jerkoffovich doesn't like your story, expect IRSNSASPCA to pitch camp in your arse.

Does anyone not understand why it will soon be too late to kill this monster of tyranny?

One Week.  We will not have unicorns pooping skittles at the end of the week - but the ability for .gov to put Comrade Jerkoffovick in the newsroom and the sweet little lady from IRS from chaining your business door shut and the cop from shutting down your kids lemonade stand will be impossible, their ability to project force will be reduced to zero - if we all do our part.

Yes, I know, making this One Week Plan public is not smart.  But if they want to kill me for it, I'll die on my f'n feet.

Here's the story.



  1. Just because you can't see the bars doesn't mean that you're not already caged...

    1. David: That is an absolute fact to which I can attest,

    2. I hope somewhere there is an American Madame Lafarge documenting all these assaults on freedom in her knitting so it can be unraveled as the perpetrators are beheaded! (A Tale of Two Cities allegory)

  2. anyone remember way back when movies had a quick screen that said this movie was approved by the censors board? We will need the same thing in every newscast soon!

  3. OAS - Operation American Spring - massive build up to Washington DC - led by our military leaders.

    1. Anon: Not to pee in your cheerios - but this event has all the markings of a non-event.

      Ask yourself this: Why would people sworn to uphold the Constitution demand a remedy that is not Constitutional?

      Then ask yourself: Of all the Generals, Admirals, Colonels, et cetera who claim they will be on the ground - how many divisions are they bringing. How many divisions are controlled from the opposite side of the fence?

      Please understand I am not snarking you, I am simply calling it as I see it. We are Americans - we do not change our leaders by mob protests - that is the antithesis of the Constitution.

      By all means assemble and try to get the House pass Articles of Impeachment (Your people should already have them drawn up and ready to submit officially) but if you love this country, do it by the book. I am a strong advocate for 2A remedies when all other means have been exercised. I am all for that. I am a strong advocate for the 9th and 10th. Those are the only remedies acceptable to a Constitutionalist1A, 2A, 9A, 10A.


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