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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It is said that Alexander the Great hurled his spear from the prow of his ship as he neared to the opposite bank or the Hellespont, thus proclaiming all of Asia to be his domain.  He made pretty good on that confident proclamation.

Elsewhere, once his men landed on a hostile shore, vastly outnumbered by the enemy, he ordered his ships burned.  There was only one way home now - through the enemy.  They won.

Some people in our community are looking for an Alexander, or a Jefferson, anyone who will take point and lead them to Liberty.  Since no such men have shown up, the vast majority of Patriots continue to sit and spin on their own thumbs waiting for someone to take point.

If this is you, make all the excuses you wish, Some of us are walking directly into the maw of Purest Evil.  Win or lose, we will die but once.  You will have to live with yourselves.

My allies do things.  They bring people together in PatComs, they build III Arms, they get training they need, and if they are skilled in an area, they offer that training, They raise daughters who need them every moment of the day, they live their lives ready to go to steel at a moments notice.  These people, my allies, know there is no victory to be found in cleverness.  They help one another.  They know when a thing must be killed, you simply walk up to the thing and kill it.  We have no need of secret squirrel silliness.

I will wrap up my One Week lesson in the near future,  I already know how it will be received,  Small minds have already ruled it a non-starter, without even knowing the plan.  I'm ok with this - for if they are too immature to grasp it they are certainly too immature to be of value in its execution.

Here are the fundamental questions: Do you have a Fire & Maneuver Team that is ready, willing and able to go when the time is right?  Even better do you have a genuine Fire Team?  Have you studied Dorner and the DC creeps?  Did you study what happened in Texas when a few prosecutors were shot.  

If you have at least a Fire Team that is capable of tactically operating for at ,least 72 hours in your AO, do you have the Comms set-up to contact and coordinate with fellow Patriots in border AOs? Allies are critical, intellectually honest allies are the rarest Patriots - never let them go.

Are you truly ready to do Hard Things to secure Liberty?  If not, and especially if you believe Communists are entitled to remain on a single inch of American soil, there will be room for you among the women and children...until we can properly sort you out.

We'll talk more later.  Until then, be brave enough to ask these questions of yourself, and answer with brutal honesty.


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