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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fighting and dying when there is no hope of survival is stupid...

These guys would disagree.

So would I.

So would the III 300.

Real men taste of death but once.  Cowards taste that bile every hour of every day.

Death comes to every man.  How you meet it, matters.  These men died, and thousands of years later we know their names - for they died for all the right reasons, with bravery, honor, and for Liberty.

And if you believe it is acceptable to allow Communists to have any square inch of America,given the men who have died so that you may live without knowing what a Communist boot feels like on your throat, may your head adorn a pike.

If you do not have the grit and mettle to stand this line with me - may posterity forget you were our Countrymen.



  1. Cowardice is built almost exclusively of fear. CA: "Fear is a liar."

    It might help to make a crucial distinction. It's entirely rational and moral to have values greater than life itself. It's entirely irrational and immoral to sacrifice one's life for an unachievable goal.

    1. How do you know when a goal is unachievable?

    2. Generally, it'll reduce to a contradiction. At least that's the sort of unachievable goal you ought to worry about!

      I meant what I wrote. I was just trying to point out a crucial distinction, not trying to say that any particular goal was unachievable. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not a defeatist.

    3. Here, I'll even give you an example, though I'll leave it to you to figure out the contradiction. You think the goal is to eliminate bad people, and that's an unachievable goal, especially considering your exacting standards.

      The goal is to eliminate bad people who obstruct YOUR life, or the lives of people YOU care about, for whatever reason. And since the only way they can do that is physically, and since you're solid at 300 yards and less, that's an achievable goal.

      So if you focus on the achievable goal, maybe you'll WIN. But focus on the unachievable goal, and we're having that beer in Heaven.

    4. Oh, and you make some assumptions. There's beer in Heaven. You're going to Heaven. I'm going to Heaven. That I'm gonna die.

    5. You're a barrelful of contradictions anyway. Why would you ask a question of someone you judge to be a liar? Liars lie, duh.

    6. As to whether I'm contrary or not I leave that to others to determine. I'm fairly certain that I'm perceived by those that know me as rock solid and not contrary at all.

      As to you being a liar, I stated that only in reference to your guile as a closet anarchist.

      Frankly, I think much of what you say is understood and accepted by reasonably educated individuals. However, there are those that can see an anarchist bend and the slight holier than thou attitude and don't dig it.

      So you see, I have my observations too.

    7. "...slight holier than thou attitude and don't dig it."

      The favored terms are "arrogant" and "pompous." Hey, you wanna be like the others, right?

      Read your comment again...always concerned about what the others think, every which way. Wake the hell up already...reality is as it is, not what people make of it. I'm not better THAN anyone; I'm just good, that's all. Once again, you sound just like a commie-lib---if one guy earns more, then another guy must earn less.

      You're tough enough to take a man down at 300 yards, but are you tough enough to fight 5,000 years of bullshit philosophy when you look in the mirror?

  2. To paraphrase: Men die but at least we have the option of how we're going to die.
    Die with Honor.


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