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Monday, February 17, 2014

Email, Contact & such...

Folks, I am busy.  I am not ignoring you.  I receive more than 400 emails a day, and that is just to Kerodin.  I'm trying to earn a living.  I'm trying to move.  I am helping build a place that will be safe when idiots unleash their communist shitstorm.  I have a lot going on.

Please don't take this as a rebuke - I appreciate each and every single person who comes here and wants to talk to me.  But please don't take my silence as disrespect.

Please pay attention to my One Week series.

It matters.  There will be a test, and you will be defined by the results.

Oh - and to the few people who don't like the One Week series because the real world scares you, because one day having to walk your talk makes you wet your panties: Fuck you.  Sideways.  With a chainsaw.  If you ever had an original thought it would probably die a lonely, tortured death.

btw: I stole the Chainsaw line without shame from DTG.  ;)

I will be offline much of tomorrow on a roadtrip.


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  1. Safe driving and safe travels, K, and whomever wants to complain about your lack of comms should stfu, you have a lot to do, as you said.

    And if any of the whomever don't like my comment, too fucking bad. :)


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