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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ground & Pound? Don't be a victim...

Ground & Pound
Ever been on your back with a bigger guy raining punches and elbows down on your head?  You've only got a few seconds to work this one out before he lands the strike that dings your bell.

In the graphic above there is absolutely NO REASON for the guy on his back to remain there - his enemy is giving him a free pass to escape, roll out and counter.  But - that's his problem.  I show my students how to get out of this mess most ricky tick.

I have posted a new video over at the CQB site, here.  I have changed the password - if you are a member I'll email you the new one.  If you aren't a member - why not?  You practice with your rifle. your pistol, you practice getting out the door as quickly as possible.  You should also practice how to react when that enemy is suddenly close enough to pull your knife from your belt and gut you with it.

The will be no reason when we meet up again, whether at Brock's PatCom or the Citadel for you to not have this stuff mastered - unless you aren't training.

Here's the link.  I am charging only $8/month.


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  1. III CQB, worth the investment folks! Hands down! It led me to a couple months of Krav Maga where I learned the following. I dont expect you to get the equation, but I know Sam will.
    (Buck = Post) = Trap + Roll ;)
    Then get the Eff up!!!
    In Liberty,


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