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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hint #6: One Week...

This is a Blue Crab.  He's in "Don't F with me bro!" mode.

I'm a Chesapeake Bay lad, and I am quite aware what these tasty critters can do before you kill them.  If they get your finger, plan on seeing what your own bone looks like.  If you let them have a pinky, you may need to sew it back on.  They are fast, have outstanding range of vision, and zero tolerance for being petted.

And how does this fit with our One Week series on Liberty?

Smash those two claws and that crab is defenseless, helpless, and exists at your whim.  Sure, he'll re-grow them - but it takes months.

Get it?

We'll talk more later.  I hope some of you are following this series and engaging grey matter - not simply spouting why it can't work...



  1. I sent an email regarding the "hint" series.
    I respect and would appreciate your opinion
    on what was written.

    1. Hey Cav - try again, please. I have rec'd a couple from you for the blog, but nothing personal. David had the same problem the other day.

      If Kerodin@Kerodin.com doesn't work, try k@kerodin.com


  2. When I was a younger man here in Florida, one of my brothers and I would engage alligators from time to time. Powerful creatures they are. Strong jaws. They can rip an arm off in a heartbeat. But the muscles that open their jaws are very weak. If you can maneuver one such that you can clamp his mouth shut he's kinda defenseless. You have to watch his tail, but if you can hold his mouth shut you can roll him on his back, rub his belly and put him to sleep.

    1. Interesting - crabs are the same way - rub their tummies and they drift right off into la-la land.

    2. their tummies

      Pinch it with pressure from the top and you're good to go.


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