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Friday, February 14, 2014

And the beat goes on...

US .gov interpretation of a mosque
So, US .gov has built a mock city in Virginia to train troops.  The picture above is what they call a "mosque".

I really don't need to say much more, do I?

On another note - I am glad so many of you are connecting the dots on my One Week series.

When you need to split wood for the fire, you grab an ax or splitting maul, a log, and go to work.

When you need to change a tire to get a jack, a spare, a wrench, and go to work.

When you need to punch an idiot in the nose, you get close and make a fist, and punch him in the nose.

Recovering Liberty is no different.

You find out who stands between you and Liberty - and you make them move or otherwise render them impotent.

This is not rocket science.  This is not some mystical mojo.  This is not level 64 Warlock dung on a video game or war game.

We'll talk more later about One Week.  In the meantime, here's the story about American Troops being trained to murder you.



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