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Monday, February 3, 2014

III Arms Company: We control the horizontal and the vertical...

III Arms 1911 #4
Do not believe your eyes.

The pictures you have been seeing must be hallucinations.  After all, III Arms was never anything but a scam, a joke, some sort of provocateur's scheme.  Right?  That must be the truth, for it was said by - well, you know who said it, and how many chimed-in and piled-on. 

Jim Miller has been building and delivering finely crafted Fighting Arms for III Patriots for months now.  Reviews have been outstanding.  He continues to satisfy orders - if you intend to enter the coming Liberty Games with a III Arms firearm on your hip or in your hands, I would suggest you get your order on Jim's workbench ASAP. 

I wonder if any of those who have been proven wrong about III Arms, Jim Miller and the others involved, will ever admit it in public and apologize to Jim and the others. 

That would be nice.

Here's the link for more pictures



  1. Suck sand, bitches. You owe the Men an apology.

  2. I honestly don't want an apology. Their silence speaks more than any apology can EVER bring to words.

  3. Hello from a fellow 3% in NE Ohio. I have had the fortune to hook up with some other 3%ers in Western PA. One of those fellows happened to receive his III Arms AR-15 about 2 weeks ago. He brought it to show us at our pre Superbowl party. I must say its absolutely beautiful. Hopefully he allows me to put a few rounds down range. Now if I can only get you to make me one of those chambered in .308...

  4. Well, no apologies in my email box, and I haven't seen any on blogs or elsewhere. After a full year officially in business (birthday was Feb 1) and plenty of firearms delivered, I guess that silence really does say it all, and defines the people who are now trying to pretend they never said a word.

    I guess we'll all simply have to accept success as the best revenge.

    Thanks, Kevin - when you do get to fire that III AR-15, send Jim a little review.


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