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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

III Comms: Radio Minimalism

Karl Denninger: And you thought the people that were talking about a Communist takeover of the United States were tinfoil-hat wearers.......

Why link to KD on a post about Comms?  Because when even KD, a man well-grounded in reality with zero patience to suffer stupidity, points to communists as our underlying problem, you'd better gird yourself that the skills offered by Sparks and Max and JC and Mosby and DTG, and the tools built by III Arms, Elecraft and Cold Steel and PNW, will play a role in your lifetime.

Gear up.  Train up.  Accumulate as much as you can.  Learn as much as you can.

You happen to be alive at a point in time that History will remember, poignantly.

Will you be another survivor who regrets not having armed yourself, or not having challenged the boot steps in the hall in the middle of the night, just hoping the Bad People choose to visit another apartment, one of your neighbors instead of you?  Will you simply hope to be eaten last?

Will you instead find your name posthumously written alongside John Parker or Jefferson?  Will you be one of the unknown many who fought for Liberty without ever making it to the history books? 

If you intend to Shoot, Move and Communicate, you'd better be working on those skills right now.

Sparks has linked to a post about a radio kit that will suit many Patriots - it is highly functional, with a small footprint, and components well-suited to fit in your Go Bag or ruck.

Here's the link.  While you are at Signal Corps, look at his training schedule and locations.

Get some.


Update: In totally unrelated news, ChinaRussia defense budgets soar, hereFor more insight as to why, here.


  1. That KX-3 is a nice rig but It's way the hell out of my reach at dang near a thousand bucks a copy.

    I am going to concentrate on something to monitor my local AO for right now, even that is going to stretch the budget.

    1. Sparks has reviews and posts on monitoring gear and techniques, including scanners. Be sure to read through his site.

      My thought: If we have genuine SHTF much communicating between FreeFor allies will be in Morse Code - take a look at the KX1 from Elecraft.

      Stay safe.


  2. passed my tech level license exam... callsign will be in the mail with certificate by next week... now foraging for suitable equipment...

    i'm making arrangements for learning welding...

    1. for SHTF or back country repairs

    2. thank you for the link - it looks simple enough... i also have a brief tutorial on making a welder based on the primary transformers taken out of a pair of microwaves... i have the helmet, gloves, hammer, grinder, brushes and clamps... even some scrap to practice on... i just need the time to put the project into motion...


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