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Friday, February 7, 2014

III Arms: What is Miller up to? Is that a...

Hmm - minor miscalculation on the CNC?  Or...

III Arms celebrated her first birthday a week ago.
Now, I know the little one is .223...

It's been about 18 months since first inception online.  Just a year since final licensing was put in place.  Some parts remain very difficult to acquire post-Sandy Hook.

What has been accomplished in this endeavor that was created to support the Citadel?

Minuteman ARs built, shipped and delivered to Patriots.

Founders 1911s built, shipped and delivered to Patriots.

A national ad campaign in the works - and it will hurt Liberal sensibilities.

The Liberator contest - rumors of strange happenings in the super-secret Liberator Lab.

And yesterday Jim Miller, President of III Arms, dropped a teaser on the III Arms Facebook audience - it would seem Mr. Miller and III Arms may be exploring the Stoner Platform in .308.  And, since I see an actual big-boy lower in the picture, I think it is safe to say Jim is not simply in the concept stage.  It would appear he is taking the concept to the development stage.

What are your thoughts?  Would a III Arms AR in .308 interest you?

Visit Jim at the III Arms FB page, here, and drop him a message.

Remember, Patriots: There is no boundary on what we can accomplish if we work together.  Do not be afraid to set high goals.  You may miss a few - but if you never try for what may seem impossible, then you'll never know if you were right or wrong...

Life is too damned short to have a pile of regrets at the end.



  1. Ok did I plant those seeds for the AR chambered in .308 lol.

  2. I KNOW all the SUT gurus swear by the 5.56, but for me, gimme that 308! I don't give a flying rat-fuck about another 5 lbs on a 200-round load-out. I bought my M1a stainless national match as "political free speech" after Sandy Hook, but I'd kiss her good-bye for a Stoner! Talk to me Jim!

  3. My oh my, you're a big gal, ain't you?
    I'm glad to see this happening, Jim, K.
    You make sure your specs are good and these AR10's throw bullets like they're supposed to and I'll guarantee my scout team will be using your rifles.

  4. Uh-oh, another porn site.

    Take it from experience---life's too short to have any regrets NOW!


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