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Friday, February 7, 2014

The Soviets collapsed and Russians walked away from Empire and Communism...heh

Coming to a City Hall near you...

Believe what you want to believe.  Reality has no useful purpose. 

There are ditches all over the world filled with the remains of people who refused to bitch-slap their own lying eyes.  Most of those ditches can be found in *formerly* Communist countries.  Interesting tidbit, that...

Mother Nature is soon going to rid the gene pool of a lot of Stupid.

On an entirely unrelated note, Putin's opening at the Olympics includes a tribute to the Stalin era.

Move along.  Nothing to see here...

Oh, and proving that America is still populated with serious people and remains in good intellectual standing, we have this from Florida: Fla. Bill to carve out authorization for children to de-criminalize making gun shapes with Pop-Tarts...

And before you snort in derision at the grown-assed adults who stand in the State Legislature and will debate and then vote for such a law, signing their names to it (or against it!), remember - they won elections.  Yes, they have the endorsement of a high number of Florida residents.  And you were worried about our future.  Pushaw I say!  You worry too much.  Our future is secure - we will get exactly what we deserve...



  1. Soviets are better than cheesy patriots like yourself. Long live commissar Putin!

  2. To Anonymous
    Soviets were cheesy patriots, of the socialist cant, you cocksucking blighter.


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