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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In the absence of orders...

...go find something Evil, and kill it.

I challenge anyone to dispute that such a mandate, initiated on D-Day and H-Hour, executed by teams of 2, 4 or more Patriots, in every state and Metropolitan area, would fail to grind the machine of tyranny to a halt.  The animals may begin to consume one another - so what?  And it is all a rhetorical and academic exercise, so...

No hierarchy required.

No secret squirrel games.

Kill Evil.  Demand Liberty.  ZERO malum in se.

Self Defense is the ultimate "Moral High Ground".

Game over.

One Week.

III 300.



  1. My Objective Questions:

    - How many people will need to be "dealt with" before the tide starts to turn?

    - What's the plan for when .mil gets involved?

    - How will your One Week Plan stop state and federal regime politicians from creating more oppressive laws?

    - What will happen if the plan fails?

    - What's the likelihood of success?

    - What happens when Patriots fail to achieve the objectives in certain cities, states, or regions, and those areas become non-permissive environments?

    - What happens a couple days into the plan when martial law is declared and major areas of operation are locked down and turned non-permissive?

    - What percentage of the population will support you, hide you, and re-supply you?

    - What percentage of the population will be turned against you?

    - Once identified as readers of this blog, and therefore potential actors, what's the plan for our families who will be harassed and quite possibly rounded up?

    - What happens if you've overestimate the capabilities of the III 300?

    - What if FREEFOR and Patriots aren't ready to sustain operations?


    1. -How many? All of them. One bite at a time.

      -.mil is at least partially on our side, also way outnumbered.

      -State and Fed regime pols fall within the definition of "something evil".

      -Only way the plan fails is if not enough folks value Liberty above bondage, in which case I'll be glad I missed it.

      -Likelihood of success is 100% in each instance the formula is applied. Universal success is an open question. Again, if folks quit prior to completion, I'll be glad I missed it.

      -Failure to achieve objectives? We're talking about "Bang!" Achieved! Worst case? "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Achieved! The point is that it is all extremely local, everywhere.

      -Martial law/lockdown equals a target rich environment. See previous point.

      -What percentage of the population are supporters? What percentage have registered their guns? Very few, and presumably many of these will be actively on our side.

      -What percentage against? Who cares? Free Shite Army, inept bureaucrats, fat old politicians, etc. Nothing a few more boolits can't handle.

      -When playing this game, our families belong among the armed and active. The point is that we're not having any "rounded up". Ever. Anymore.

      -III 300 is a metaphor for you and me, and our fellows.

      -All FREEFOR and Patriots who take one or more with them will be doing at least their share, and if there aren't enough, then the survivors will be free to really screw it up however they wish going forward, and again, I will be glad I missed it.

      Given your questions, your mileage will likely vary...a lot...


  2. What happens if we continue to sit on our asses and do nothing? It's really not a choice anymore.

    1. And that is the real issue. If we do nothing, we get f'd in a grand and historical fashion.

      The One Week Plan is not a hush-hush, secret squirrel, let's all set our watches kind of plan. III Patriots are all over this country, in towns large and small, who have what it takes and know how to do this in their home town. They know how to stop Enemies of Liberty from projecting force - and they know how to get it done in 2-3 days. They know where the force projectors work, eat, live. As a commenter at WRSA quoted (Sorry I don't remember your name for credit): "This will change when the bureaucrats are afraid to go to work."

      The "Trigger" - the "Go Signal" will be obvious to us all when it happens. The key to success will be that everyone goes at the same time. When the guys in Arizona go, the guys in Oregon go, the guys in Mississippi go, the guys in Illinois go - it must be everywhere at once to prevent the concentration of defenses.

      But - readers of this blog already get it.

      We can be home in time for work on Monday, with a whole new paradigm in place, and a whole lot of Bad People hoping they aren't scheduled for next weekend...

    2. Naturally I've got plenty to say, but I've given Alan enough tedium for a week. Maybe I'll write a post or something when I have time. But in the meanwhile, I sure agree with this...

      "If we do nothing, we get f'd in a grand and historical fashion."

      I think that's abundantly clear. Historical indeed. Maybe there's a time for rational folk to stop and take a break, but this ain't it. As to the rest of it, another time.

  3. MD, I'll do this seriatim:

    1) These answers can be found in the study material of Dorner/Malvo, etc. From the moment intentions are made public followed by supporting action to prove intent across CONUS (perhaps nothing more ominous than paintballs and traffic cameras), history has shown us it doesn't take long for the populous to start paying attention.

    2) What is your plan when .mil gets involved? Surely you have contingency plans.

    3) Who cares how many "more oppressive" laws are passed if force projection elements are unwilling or unable to project force?

    4) If the plan fails? Look around you today, and extrapolate.

    5) Likelihood of success? Define success.

    6) Non-permissive environments - you mean like NYC, NJ, CA, Chicago, DC today?

    7) Martial Law: Many people believe martial law is inevitable with or without this One Week exercise. What is your plan in that environment?

    8) Hard to say, I don't have a crystal ball. But you are assuming facts not in evidence that this exercise would result in the identification of participants, thus needing material support. Most of my allies know how to go grey when they choose Most can also go ghost. Moral support is simple arithmetic - 80% (bare minimum) of the population will never support a return toward personal responsibility and Liberty, so fugg'em. They are not Americans and never will be. The remainder will react based on the conduct of the partisans, and in their personal interests, no?

    9) Percentage of the population against such efforts? Hell, just look at any poll from recent election cycles - the vast majority of Americans will continue to support the theft of goods and services from other Americans, so long as they are the beneficiaries. Again, fugg'em. They are not fit to live on American soil.

    10) What's the current plan for protecting families, with this exercise or without it? Most readers of this blog suspect rail cars are in the future, regardless. Most readers have already put protocols in place for looking after one another. I know I have...

    11) I haven't over-estimated anything. The III 300 are not Rambos - they are passionate about not being slaves. That's a powerful motivator.

    12) Sustain operations: Again you are assuming facts not in evidence. I have not met one single person who wants to engage in a months or years-long conflict, sleeping in the mud and muck, that would most assuredly bring in elements of .mil - so a simple goal on a very fast timeline is the answer. Hence the name: One Week. The object of the exercise is to convince the force projection elements of the Bad People that they are on the wrong side of History within 72 hours...

    MD: Tyranny is coming, right now, full throttle, and the Tyrants intend to kill every single reader of this blog and they surely don't care if our families live or die. Millions are headed for the next Communist boneyard, right here on CONUS, whether you like or do not like the One Week plan.

    The way you win a fight against a bigger, stronger, faster, younger enemy who intends to kill you is simple - you sucker-punch that S.O.B. until he is dead. Then the sissy who was telling him to bully you will have no one to stop you from choking him to fucking death.

    Then you choke him to fucking death until there are no more bullies crying "...take his lunch money and give it to my friend Joe..."


  4. fuel prices are high - bring cash.... lots of cash....

  5. Dead On. The people that matter are sick to death of this crap. We are sick of the stealing of our lives to be given to those bottom feeders who won't work. We KNOW where the enemy lies in our towns. Look to the Municipal areas of your town, if it has a govt. or LEO element then there is a good chance that youve found the enemies stronghold. PERIOD! Act accordingly, have a plan. I scout around the county keeping my eyes open for houses where LEO vehicles park. I look for patterns. Do you know where your mayor and county commissioners live? Now check your neighborhood. We have an election coming, who has ENEMY political signs in their yard? Bingo! PLAN! PLAN! PLAN!


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