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Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Week & Connecticut

How does Connecticut fit into the One Week concept?  Will I be going to Connecticut if things get sporty (the odds of which are very near the absolute zero temperature point on the Fahrenheit scale)?  Will I play the UW role in the rear and urge others to do so?  Nope.  While the Merry Leader wheezes and phlegms with one hand on the keyboard and the other where his junk should be, trying to start the civil war in America he has sought his entire life (from both sides of the aisle), perhaps an adult should assess the reality versus the fantasy for the Liberty Sphere.  There is a reason only one blog in the Liberty Sphere is paying any attention at all to Connecticut - because it is simply another self-created masturbatory circle jerk by one man who loves to hear the sound of his own voice, and a few idiots who love to be in the middle of said circle-jerks.

Lest you think this is simply an anti-MBV post, let's start with just one fact that should be self-evident to anyone and everyone who claims to be a thinker: Those who mean to be Masters have absolutely ZERO intention of starting RevWarIII over 2A in a Blue State.  Every wannabe Master wants and needs a Red State bubba to be the poster boy for the moral legitimacy of confiscation.

Heh, maybe they found one in Alabama...but that's another topic.

Here's the reality of Connecticut, and why real Thinkers are watching the Crimea and Ukraine (and Dear Leader's absence from NatSec meetings):  Connecticut's law is clearly ex post facto.  Connecticut clearly has a few stupid politicians, a few of whom talked themselves partially (Only partially - the other part was manufactured in Alabama) into a corner.  The "Or else..." notion of Connecticut residents who failed to register being Storm Trooper'd will be shelved by a single Federal Judge (or state bureaucrat) somewhere, and the politicians will simply take all those "admitted felons" and put them on administrative lists so that when they next need to renew their tags, driver's license, professional license - whatevah - they will be denied until they are in compliance, they move out of state, or SCOTUS intervenes. 

RevWarIII will not begin over 2A in Connecticut.  If you truly think it will, please leave the gene pool without further delay.  How am I so sure that no serious Patriot is taking the silliness in Connecticut seriously?  How many guys have you seen gear up and get on the highway?  If you are thinking the false drama in Connecticut matters, you are not thinking - worst of all, you are not thinking strategically or generationally.  You are playing checkers...and losing.

Fuckin' Sparklies and Narcissists.  I swear to fuck I don't know which is more dangerous to the republic - Communists or stupid people.



  1. downeast hillbillyMarch 1, 2014 at 3:23 PM

    Uncle Oliver was my answer to George Carlin. He had a saying (actually two):
    #1 Let's go out to the garage (where he kept a pint jar of 'shine) - when Aunt Annie was giving him hell.
    #2 Most people are really f**king stupid. MPARFS
    Maybe #2 led to #1 . . . or vice versa?

  2. K,
    At the risk of getting seriously flamed on here, why does the Left need a bubba? The chances of getting anti-gun legislation passed in a Red state short of federal law (doubtful unless midterms changes something) is almost nil. Perhaps in a purple state like VA or even PA where you have "rednecks" in a large part of the state that get consistently outvoted by cities it could happen. Assuming you somehow can divine what the retards in power actually think, simply because they wish something not to be so, does not mean it cannot happen. The equation depends on two parties here, not simply the rulers. I'm not shitting on you, but simply saying reading the tea leaves in this case is dicey on either side. Things spiral out of control at the speed of social media today, we have seen ample evidence of that. I agree that it's unlikely anything will happen in Conn., but at this point...who knows? A dizzying array of factors are in play now, narcissism (on both sides), confusion, misunderstanding, resentment, calculated evil and sheer incompetence. Sometimes things just happen. Not saying it's GOING to happen, just that I wouldn't make absolute statements about it. People aren't going to be moved at this point until bodies are lying on front lawns, mothers, children, and fathers. I don't think you'll see people going to Conn. unless it comes to that point, simply because of jobs, families and normal life. Just my humble opinion...

  3. Jesse: No flaming. ;) I agree completely, and always (though I don't always type it) there is always the X-Factor (or Black Swan) and everybody's plans, on both sides, can go sideways.

    But here is the premise for my analysis: The American Left still cares about optics, to a point. If they didn't, they'd have already come hard. They want the coming genocide to be "...for the children..." blah, blah.

    This is why the 2014 elections are so important for them - they want a D Executive and Legislative, so they can completely own the Judiciary. They want as many state legislatures and Governor's Mansions to be blue as possible. They want that veil of "Moral Authority".

    This is why every "mass shooting" is immediately reported as a "Right-wing extremist gun nut terrorist" even before the bodies are cold. And the moment they realize the shooter doesn't fit the meme, the story essentially gets pushed to page 26, below the fold.

    The current issue in Connecticut is simply a comedy of errors made by stupid, low-level politicians. Adults on Team Tyranny are already involved, working a face-saving solution because they need the provocation to come from a bubba. It's the same false thinking behind MBV's constant "No Fort Sumter" meme. Both sides want the other guy to shoot first - but when "the other guy" is from reliably blue northeast, the mandate is not as strong.

    It's optics - politics.

    But make no mistake: I am convinced that however the chips fall in November, they are going to begin going hard with whatever optics they have.

    So, to your point about making absolute statements - you are right. I should have phrased it "Nothing will happen by design or by authority". Some stupid politician might invoke the X-Factor and start the avalanche.

    And remember - the Left wants the avalanche, and they believe they can not only survive the avalanche, but also control it. This is their weakness - hubris.

    When they do go hard, whether by design or by accident, if every III Patriot goes into his AO and works hard for 72 hours, it will completely vapor-lock the ability of OpFor to react with over-whelming and concentrated force - it will force him to defend everywhere - which he can not do. That is where the III wins.

    Stay safe.


  4. You were right about that blowhard asshole . I started watching the 3% idea there and it took a while to see it . When the high velocity steel objects come our way , we're going to need more than foam rubber pistols and hot air . Apologies .

  5. As someone else has already said and I paraphrase, "I won't need to go to Connecticutt (or anywhere else), because there are plenty of those federal sonsabitches around here..."


  6. Point : counterpoint

    "Those who mean to be Masters have absolutely ZERO intention of starting RevWarIII over 2A in a Blue State. Every wannabe Master wants and needs a Red State bubba to be the poster boy for the moral legitimacy of confiscation."

    OTOH, what better place than a blue state? As with the sad little enclave at the BD compound, pick a battle you know you can win, to establish dominance. (Yes, I know that BATF Troop nearly fornicated the Fido, but that's beside the point.) What better way to establish dominance than on a field where your opponents are pre-beaten down?

    Just a contrarian thought ...

    1. I contemplated that they have already profiled a few "bubbas" in CT they know they could hammer with little/no risk - but I still have to go with the bigger PR value that is the stereotype they have been crafting for generations - that the real threat is a red state religious gun nut militia bubba.

      It's their meme.

      Now, could the X-Factor/Black Swan CT political idiot mess up and press "Go"? Yup - but I'm betting his masters will try to stick to the game plan.


    2. Of course it's also plausible that the red-state militias could mount up, cruise up I-95, and make us both look prescient.


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