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Sunday, February 9, 2014

One week...

WWII Fire & Maneuver Team - Liberty has never
been secured by use of great armies.
I have worked very hard over the last 2 years to find and stand with serious, thoughtful, bold Patriots who have little use for endless debate and prognostication.  I've met you in CQB classes, at PatComs, at King's Mountain, in October at the Mall.  Some of you I have not yet met in person, but we will.  My allies do things.  My allies tend to roll their eyes when they see people ramble academically about "4GW" as if it is another level of consciousness and only the speaker understands this sophisticated and mystical fighting concept.  My allies tend to agree with Mosby when he points out that "4GW" is truly 1GW.  My allies understand that victory in a fight is simple - enter the other guys space, displace him and defend that ground.  Simple. 

Oh, and - Do not get killed in the process.

Restoring Rightful Liberty into the daily lives of Americans need not be some elaborate, complex, highly sophisticated and sooper-secret squirrel endeavor.  That is hubris.  It is unnecessary.  Interjecting Rightful Liberty back into the national discussion does not require millions of people, it does not require battlefield maneuvers or long-lasting urban warfare in a Red Dawn world.  It need not take years.  It does not require generations to counter the effects of public school indoctrination.  We need not the support of a majority, or even a plurality.

To make the machine of tyranny grind to a halt, then be rendered neutral, creating a vacuum into which notions of genuine Liberty will rush, can be a matter of one hundred men (a few hundred would be better) and a week.  Of course one week is not sufficient to correct the problems in America, or to be rid of the problem-makers - but it is sufficient to be rid of the chains of tyranny and begin the process with little resistance moving forward. 


Think about it.  Consider how you would proceed if you were tasked with saving your Country (border to border and coast to coast, without committing a single malum in se crime) and Liberty, on a budget and with a short window of opportunity.  Think about it some more.

Are you serious about recovering Rightful Liberty in your lifetime?  Do you have at least one fellow Patriot in your AO who is as committed as you? 

We'll talk later.



  1. Man... things are never that simple. If it only takes a week, why wasn't it done last week? Why won't it be done next week? And don't say because of people like me. If I thought it could be done in one week, I'd be lining up along with a million other Patriots.

    1. Things are never that simple - until they are. Something is impossible, until it isn't. Flight is never going to happen, until a couple of guys made it happen. You can't send signals over the air without wires - until you can.

      I wonder why people have a natural knee-jerk reaction of "It can't be done" or "You can't do that" before they even know the details. Check your hard wiring, Sam. Get some "outside the box" time. ;)

      I honestly don't know what you mean by "...people like me..." I'm not sure how you are defining yourself. Secessionist?


  2. malum in se? Hmmmm. If things were/are that bad, first off blow all the feed to MSM. Then, since we have a conservative radio station here, start broadcasting a rally for all Liberty minded folks to rid our county of Commies, ie. Libs or whatever you want to call the Statis. Meet up and drive them out. We also have just a couple of ways into this area, so blocking them would be at the top of the list. In this small section of Kali, we have more rifle racks and hay hooks in the back window of pick up's than Beemers. It would go down hard, but the message would be sent without the MSM spewing their crap to demonize us and it will get many folks here off their ass. Many would not make it but the tone would be set for other to do the same.

    Lynn A. Stokes
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
    Morro Bay,Ca.


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