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Monday, February 10, 2014


The concept: School employees poison childrens food with mustard gas on orders from a White National fucktard in support of 2A.

The drill: Ohio National Guard ran this drill.

The public statement in real life from another fucktard, a police chief from Ohio, Speaking in West Virginia: The drill accurately represents “the reality of the world we live in,” (Portsmouth Chief of Police Bill Raisin)

I can't even be bothered to comment much.  If you don't see the conflations and the intent, the misdirection and blatant lies they are using to lay the ground to justify their coming attack, perhaps it is better that way.  Your suffering, may it be brief.

But in truth, you should be feeling like a Jew in Germany just before the hammer came down.

My real question: Did any of our allies in the Ohio/WV AO have this intel in real-time from the ground?  If yes, did you disseminate it?  How widely?  If no, why not?  If you did not have the intel - look for ways to strengthen your intel capacity.

Mustard gas?  Really?  Fuck me.

Here's the piece.  Do with it what you will.



  1. Agreed. We have been the target for a decade now. Trains and boxcars are not far behind.

    1. Indeed. They mean to be rid of anyone and everyone who identifies as we identify, and they may well extend that to most people over the age of 50 who will surely remember the concept of real Liberty. We need to go for them to recognize their victory.

  2. Sam,

    The police chief is in Portsmouth Ohio. This exercise did not extend into WV. Some Ohio Groups were aware of the drill, but since it concerned White Nationalists (Peirce has been dead since 2002) they concluded it was not directed at us. (even thought the article mentions "Right-Wing"). The info may have been distributed locally, but no national alert or warning orders. This was last year, and my understanding is that it was considered a lame scenario, even by the participants. They ran a similar drill vs left wing Eco-terrorists. Thats all I have on it.

    1. Sandman: Thanks for the sitrep. You may want to get together with your counterparts who dismissed the event and remind that *any* exercise conducted that links 2A with WN and biological warfare is designed to set the precedent for action and to blur the lines between genuine Patriots and fucktards like WN - we are all in the same basket as far as these bastards are concerned. Perhaps they could benefit from contacting Sam Culper - he can give them a serious crash course in identifying such threats and taking the proper counters. I don'y know the people running those other groups, bu8t they need a serious intervention.

      One extra note: That one section of .gov (NatGuard) was given the precedent and moral authority to engage other members of the .gov "family" is meant to condition the trigger-pullers that they can and must engage any "threats" - including their own .gov brothers.

      Stay safe.



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