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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hint #1: One Week...

Study Dorner, in-depth.

Not his politics.  You and I probably agree that his politics were foul.  Not that he hit what most of us would consider a non-combatant.

Study what he did, what he said he was going to do.  Study his intent and goals.

Recognize that all of his training proved pretty ineffective when all of his real-world experience was merely executing tactics with the full might of the .mil and LEO at his back - he had no real-world experience to apply those tactics on his own.

Study the reactions to what he did and said he was going to do.

You can start here at Wiki.  Then find more resources.

We'll talk more later.



  1. I think the reaction of the lapd is more instructive.what if there were more than one dorner and dorner who are not ruled by craziness dorner with some support a safe house or two the lapd would go nuts.and if our dorner fade back into the woodwork for a while then renew the attack over and over again what happens your friend truckwilkins

  2. I am doing a tactical/tradecraft review of the Dorner case. If anyone local to Southern California is interested in assisting researching court files, photographing the various crime scene locations etc., please contact me.


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