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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taser question

If you fire a Taser at a target and both probes hit his vest/armor - I assume he will not be affected, yes?


  1. Potentially it could work but likely not. The taser's electrical impulses need to be conducted through the body in order to disrupt the ability of the muscles to respond to the brain. If the armor is bare steel and there is insufficient insulation between it and the skin, the taser could possibly work as advertised, or with reduced effectiveness. Ceramic is a good insulator, so it would stand to reason that a taser would not work if fired into ceramic armor. However, the electrical barbs are still essentially lightweight projectiles, and should be defeated by the armor anyway--the barbs need to remain embedded into the skin to work.

  2. As long as the probes are attached the pulse will jump 2 inches.


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