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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hint #7: One Week

We've noted that a blue crab with both claws is a feisty bastard.

But, we posited that if you smash his claws with a hammer, you won't get pinched.

So here is the same fella with no claws.  We don't worry about crabs with no claws.  Eve if they have Glocks on their hips.

Get it?

And, crabs that watch other crabs have their claws ripped off - run for the water to escape...

We'll talk more later.



  1. An escalation in the standoff at main barricade in Kiev is underway. The "in your face police line(with metal shields) has been removed. Those forces have been replaced with heavy moving equipment; large dumptrucks and earth movers.
    The EuroMajdan live feed is much better now, as the camera has been much closer and lower.
    Something is most definitvely in progress.

  2. I was able to confirm what is occurring.
    I just viewed posted recording from earlier today(made
    during the daytime).
    Government forces are in the process of removing the outermost
    ring of reinforced barricade walls put in place by protestors.
    In the recorded clips, and current live feed, you can see that protestors
    have begun to reform/rebuild to prevent a direct line of access of government vehicles and personel on foot.

  3. Yeah, they are in a bad way.
    If you go through and view recordings made
    today, and posted five to six hours ago, you can
    see that their barricaded camp was breached
    The reinforced camp is being taken apart piecemeal.
    down the middle and simutaneously exploited from
    the rear.


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