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Monday, March 3, 2014

A plea to current .mil and US Intel Professionals

US Intelligence was warned of every single detail unfolding on the world stage today.

50 years ago.

Anatoliy Golitsyn.  If you haven't already digested this body of knowledge, you probably don't have time to begin now.  The Final Phase is in gear.  The Grey Terror Phase in America: Connecticut, Sandy Hook, WTC, 9/11, Gun Control, ObamaCare - I call them Sparklies, Mister Golitsyn called it "Grey Terror" and warned America's premiere counter-intelligence asset, James Jesus Angleton that what you and I are watching today would happen...exactly as we see it unfolding now.  And because McCarthy was right, that USG was already filled with entrenched Communists, Golitsyn and Angleton were discredited and ignored and the US Intelligence Service was misdirected.

Ukraine and ChiCom's new protected air space and blue water naval development are related.

If you work in US Intelligence or .mil right now, I beg you: Study Golitsyn and Angleton for a solid week through the lens of events that are happening right now, in public, and with what you can see in private.  You have the frame of reference to digest this information quickly.  You are inside the machine.  Your superiors that are political animals will not be your allies.  If you are currently in US Intel or .mil - we need you, now.  We can't defend ourselves at this level of play.  I ask without an ounce of shame: We need your help now.

Here's the Drudge story regarding Sino-Russo "new" alliance.


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