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Monday, March 3, 2014

Something to watch carefully...

Folks, The Daily Smug tends to have reliable information sooner than many outlets.  I will not say they are to be taken as gospel - no single source should be, when possible.  But this tidbit, if it proves accurate, will likely mean a nuclear First Strike against America.  If you have read my blog for any time at all, you know I do not go for the sensational or "tinfoil" stuff, I don't do hyperbole, and I usually demand at least 2 reliable sources before I go with a story. 

In this case I have partial triple-sourced confirmation (living in DC my entire life does have perks): It started with a ZeroHedge story yesterday - The USS George Bush (CVN 77), the centerpiece of US Navy Strike Force Two, (CSG-2), is headed into the Med (scheduled), and rumors (partially confirmed - enough to peg my WTF? Meter) suggest one of the greatest military blunders of all time may be shaping up - rumors are that CSG-2 may be ordered into the Black Sea.

A few of us have talked about the ever-present X-Factor, also known as Black Swan Events, over the last few days.  Well, if this turns out to be true, it is one big f'n deal.

The Kremlin will not tolerate a US Carrier Battle Group in the Black Sea.  They have had operational naval forces there since the 1700's - and they consider the Black Sea not simply private property - they consider the Black Sea inviolate when flexing military muscle, and absolutely essential to the very survival of Russia.  If our Commander-in-Chief takes the decision to attempt to send CSG-2 into the Black Sea, it is time we all pray for the first military coup in Americans History and that some Admiral wearing an American uniform belays that order.

If POTUS orders CSG-2 into Russia's grill at this moment, there will be a nuclear war.  And do not forget that to the Russian mind, a nuclear war with America is winnable, as they define a "win".

It is not time to shit the bed just yet.  It is time to watch very, very carefully, to see what actually plays out.

It is also time to be ready to initiate any nuclear protocols you may have - on damned short notice.  Good luck with that...

Here's the link.  It is being picked up by more and more media even as I type.

Folks. we can win what is generally called a "Civil War" in America, rather easily I contend.  But the moment foreign troops put real boots on the ground, you'd better know Russian or Mandarin, because that game will be over.



  1. If a carrier tries to enter the Black Sea it violates a treaty between Turkey and Russia I believe. I seriously doubt Turkey would go along with it and besides the carrier itself doesn't need to get into the Black Sea to operate. They would be a sitting duck just trying to run the straights there whatever the name of them is.

    Not saying they won't try something just saying they will do it from the Eastern Med if they do.

    1. That's exactly why I hope if there is any truth at all to the rumor, that some adult in the room makes it go away. This is big-big politics, and our POTUS simply isn't built to work at this level.

      Stay safe.

  2. ""The USS George Bush (CVN 77), the centerpiece of US Navy Strike Force Two, (CSG-2)""
    Yup....Bush's fault!


    1. I found the irony almost too much to be a legit story. ;)

  3. I'm curious as to why you think that winning a civil war will be easy, whereas fighting off invaders from Russia or China won't.

    1. Bill: I think winning a "Civil War" will be easy because I have already outlined how to take away their force projection elements within a week.

      A very, very small percentage of Americans serve as enforcers for our tyrants here in America - it is a number of men and women with guns we can handle. These force projection units are a very, very thin line defending a large number of soft, unprincipled, bureaucrats and politicians who will run - literally- and hide once their Praetorian has been neutered. The 80% or so of Americans who want "Entitlements" - many of them will kill one another without active intervention from Patriots.

      However - Chinese and Russian Regulars are not Suburban Democrats who vote themselves goodies and favors from .gov. These are hard and hungry men who have never had the option of living "as good" as even those on American welfare at the poverty line. And the 80%+ of Americans who like their entitlement programs will be less than useless as allies in the face of hard ChiCom or Russian Regulars. We Patriot types may live and die free, but it will be a very short lifetime.

      The variable to which I have no answer: Would current line Officers in US .mil act in the absence of orders or in direct defiance of orders from POTUS to stand down, if they became aware of ChiCom or Russian boots on our ground. I don't have a lot of confidence.


    2. Part of me doubts the major powers would ever have the stones to do that. One would think that such an act would warrant a nuclear response by the US (assuming POTUS doesn't drop the ball). IMHO it is reminiscent of MAD during the cold war, it would be a very dicey proposition for us or them to have boots on the ground. I just don't see it without a world conflict breaking out. I'm not sure what would happen given a civil war here. I think it would all depend on the continuity of the military and if control can be kept of the nuclear weapons. Without that deterrent...I think the Chinese and Russians both would capitalize on the situation. What that looks like, I don't know. China all the way to Hawaii and Russia retakes a good chunk of Europe? Whatever. You know what they say...errrybody's gotta die sometime.

    3. "Bill: I think winning a 'Civil War' will be easy because I have already outlined how to take away their force projection elements within a week."

      Right or wrong, that's quite a simple portrayal of the One Week Plan. Do you figure doin' it will go so smoothly?

      That's rhetorical---no need to answer and it's not my reply to the Plan anyway; it's just a crack. I'm sure Bill could come up with something better, but I can't think of a decent reply for him except, "Oh."

      Hey, I said CWII and WWIII might happen simultaneously. It didn't occur to me that they may be the same thing!

    4. JK: The One Week plan is over-simplified here for brevity, but it does deserve some commentary I haven't posted anywhere. Do I think it will go so smoothly? I think if it were to happen, if small teams went to work all across the country at the same time, yes - it would absolutely overwhelm the system and the ability for tyrants to respond "effectively" will be nullified, at least for a while. The One Week plan isn't a magic bullet (no pun intended) - it's simply that surprise punch in the nose that the bully never expects and locks up his brain and response for a few moments - giving the puncher time to hit harder or run like hell.

      Where Holly and I call home, I have met the Sheriff and in my heart I know no such Patriot activity would be necessary. There are a LOT of those counties across this huge country. In the 'burbs and cities - yeah, it may well be a Cluster Foxtrot for our guys, and as we all know, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. But if the local Patriots keep their plan and intent simple, short (timely) and smart, most teams will reach the threshold for calling it a success.

      But the One Week plan is not a plan to recover and install Rightful Liberty and have unicorns pooping skittles in a week - it is simply a good first punch in a fight that the other guy is intent on forcing upon us.

      Your notion that CWII and WWIII being one in the same (or happening concurrently) has real merit. America has a history of using war to get out of (or cover up) economic problems. Bad economy coupled with the intent of tyrants at home and abroad - that is one hell of a witches brew...

  4. It would take too long to address the Plan in a comment; hopefully I'll find the time to write a post within a week. I'll say this now, though...the two great things about it is that it's not doing nothing, and it has the right people "setting the field," so to speak. I think both of those are rational and important goals.

    Unfortunately, I'd better also mention that those are about the only two things that recommend it, in MY opinion. Well, I can dig the sentiment too. More another time, I hope.

  5. Having spent 20 years of my life in the US Navy, half of which were onboard aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, I can say with confidence that the only thing I find credible with this report is the USS G. Bush deploying to the Med. No doubt there is also a carrier group in the northern part of the Persian Gulf. Both locations are routine deployment areas. As far as the Black Sea, I don't sea that happening. There is no tactical advantage to putting a carrier task force closer to the enemy than necessary. Despite it's awesome air wing, the ship itself is vulnerable to attack. With airborne tactical comms and refueling, entering the Black Sea would be a tactical blunder. After all, even nukes need replenishments. (Food, Av Gas, JP-8 or whatever they are using these days, food, munitions, ect.) More than likely it's a routine deployment to the Med and the Gulf, only at a slightly higher defensive posture. I wouldn't get too worked up over this news.

    1. Anon: Thanks for the insight from inside. If such an order were to come down from POTUS (because he is a STUPID politician, not a military mind) do you think the Navy would execute it?


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