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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bear & Dragon on the hunt?

Whatever may be your focus as we move through these days, keep an eye on the Dragon and see if it takes any significant action to affirm Chinese claims on the Senkaku or Ryukyu.  If China takes a hard stand at Senkaku, they will have matched the Crimea move by Russia.  If China moves on Ryukyu, they will be escalating beyond Crimea.  If Russia chooses to move on Ukraine, the next move will be China on Taiwan.

What would this scenario (or any similar scenario) represent?  The Pincer - two allies (Russia and China) signaling one another they are ready to move in a coordinated and hardcore manner against the West.  If one or the other fails to match the latest escalation of the other, it will be a signal that they are not, yet, ready for the final move.

When you factor a missing 777 (and understand how many people and countries would have to be involved and willing to take such a risk if MH370 is, in fact, a stolen airplane), factor Iranian warships off the US coastline, factor the very prominently-reported calls by Al-Qaeda for car bombs in America, factor US Destroyer Truxton playing games in the Black Sea, factor a world economy on the brink of implosion, factor the goals of True Believers within the US, factor the Useful Idiots within the US, factor the general moral state of the majority of people in CONUS, factor a dizzying number of similar events and details, any one of which, or combination of which, could serve as a Black Flag - and you have what future historians will write as having been the opening moves of World War III.

The Archduke of our time may have already been assassinated.

So, keep prepping.  Go to Connecticut if it is your plan to do so.  Keep training. 

And keep your eyes on the many, many men who mean to be your Master.  Many of them have far more than an AR and a Go Bag at their disposal.

They will come.  It is only a matter of when, how, in what numbers, and what patches will be on their uniforms...



  1. Since the 'east' doesn't have a solid delivery method for a EMP producing nuke or a bio-weapon....
    Put it in a recently stolen, re-badged and re-purposed passenger jet. A little cash outlay puts a new serial number, a transponder code with the correct data, and an IFF code that passes muster.
    Fly said jet from it's current location, (to include passengers, since this IS a 'commercial' flight) across the geographic center of the US and....
    ...either detonate it (producing the EMP), aerosol dispersion of it (and let the winds carry it), or land it and disgorge it's infected passengers at a large airport with international connections.
    Once and done, we are no more.
    Man, I hate having this shit in my head.

  2. what patches will be on their uniforms...

    Or none at all.


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