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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Smock

The fight that many contemplate requires the average Patriot to carry considerable gear.  Obviously, what you choose to carry is as important as how you choose to carry it.  If you don't remember where you tucked a widget or you buried a widget deep within the layers of your gear and you suddenly need it, life gets complicated.

I'm not the guy to tell you what to carry, much less how to carry it - I'll leave that to the guys who have been there and done it, in the real world.  This is the grind of being prepared - the little things make a significant difference.  Did you put some widget in a pocket that stabs you in the junk every time you go prone?  Unless you do this grind work - actually putting the widgets in pockets and going prone - you don't know.  You don't want to learn this stuff on-the-job, either.

J.C. Dodge took the time to share more of his experience, here.

Take the time, folks.  Put in the work. 


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