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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dots - Connected...

You know what I’ve noticed over the last few decades? I noticed that most of the terrorists have unfettered access to Russian AK-47 rifles. I noticed that Saddam Hussein’s armies had Soviet tanks and personnel carriers. We uncovered mountains of Soviet NBC equipment in Iraq. I remember that the Euro-terrorist groups in Europe and Japan had Soviet support, with weapons and explosives. I remember that the old Soviet Union funded the terrorist training camps in Libya and Palestine. All of that with the goal of destabilizing the West, courtesy of the KGB (Putin’s former employer).

Get it?

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  1. Moore, in 'The Devil's Secret Name' I think, brought this up years and years ago and states that it's proof enough to prove that we've been involved with WWIII for a long time but are too stupid to realize it. We've been puttin out all these little brush fires all over the world but there's one power behind all of it.

  2. the "fall" of the SU and the ceremonial destruction of the Berlin Wall was window-dressing for the masses when in fact it was nothing but a shift for Ivan from overt physical aggression to the more subtle economic forms of aggression the banksters use... they began playing the same game the US was already playing - fund destabilization from a distance then waltz in acting like the hero... in short, the SU morphed from one form of colonizing terrorist organization into another...

  3. The AK-47 is world wide for two reasons-The commies gave them away by the millions for free to all of their "brothers" in the 50's-60's-70's, and unlike the worthless POS AR-15/M-16/M-4 , the AK-47/AKM/AK-74 has a minimum 50 to 100 year life span with minimum care. LONG after the AR is a footnote in a book, people in the third world will still be shooting AK's .Much like people used Mauser's and Martini's long after the empires that created them were gone. It (the AK) is a weapon so simple and reliable ,that they can be fabricated by a blacksmith from a shovel--AND IT WILL WORK and like the "Brown Bess" of 200 years ago, it will keep working for as long as it gets ammo. AKs have passed the only test the little brown people care about COMBAT . The same test that the M-16 / M-4 / AR-15 failed. "They" use Russian weapons because they work. "They" reject "our" weapons because they DON'T work. Everything else is bullshit and sales pitch propaganda. ---Ray

  4. Ray: OK - you are not fond of the AR.

    But are you really saying that the bulk of the world's Commie/Socialist/Muslim roughnecks took deliberate political decisions to align with the Soviets/Russians because they had AKs instead of ARs?

    Very few of such armed people today (or their fathers/grandfathers) ever went into a gun shop and specifically asked for an AK. AKs were distributed to them, after arriving from some distant CommieFuck factory.

    I personally recommend that Patriots own at least one weapon that can eat AK rounds and magazines. But all things considered, I can't in good conscience recommend that AK as their primary Battle Rifle when an AR or M14 or M1 is available. I take that decision based upon the machines involved.

    Now when you factor the political/symbolic signature of the AK I absolutely recommend Patriots not choose an AK. Anyone who does not associate the AK with Communism, oppression and anti-American ideals simply isn't paying attention to the subtext. And subtext is critical in this coming fight.

    All that said: If you like the AK and can defend yourself with it more effectively, go for it.


  5. Sam. We tried to give away the M-16 in the same way that the old soviet union gave away the AK. No Takers. The NVA captured over 200000(brand new) of them after the fall of South Vietnam. They then tried to sell them. At one point in the early 90's the price got down to $50 a pop--No takers. NOBODY outside NATO wants one. When we GIVE them away as "aid" the locals ditch them the first chance they get and grab an AK. And I don't carry an"Assault rifle" at all. I carry a Type 1 NM Garand (30:06) or my .338 Lapua. "L-96" AW. My Garand is my primary infantry rifle. Lately I have been experimenting with a .243 Remington 700 and have come to love it in the 600 yard envelope ; but I digress---Ray


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